After his attack on Ubari camp … and threatening to respond

Al-Wefaq criticizes the international silence over Haftar’s violations

Tripoli – Al Jazeera Net:

The Libyan parliament members continued their consultations in Ghadames, in the west of the country, in preparation for holding the first session that gathered all members of the House of Representatives today, Tuesday, while the Supreme Council of the State condemned Haftar’s forces’ violation of the ceasefire agreement, by attacking a camp belonging to the reconciliation government forces in the city of Ubari (south ).

Sources reported that the headquarters issue is still the subject of sharp disagreement between the parliamentarians of Tripoli and Tobruk, but the most dangerous was what was considered an attempt by the Speaker of the Tobruk Parliament, Aqila Saleh, to prevent the holding of Ghadames’s session. The source confirmed that Saleh invited his parliamentarians to hold a meeting in Benghazi, the same day that was scheduled for the parliament unification session. The meeting of the Libyan House of Representatives, with its two parts, in Ghadames, raises the concern of Aqila Saleh, fearing that he will be ousted in a full session .

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About 123 Libyan deputies agreed in the Moroccan city of Tangiers, to unify the House of Representatives, during their scheduled session in Ghadames, and to choose a new speaker for parliament, especially since a number of them hold Aqila Saleh responsible for his division between Tobruk and Tripoli .

It suffices for the meeting of at least 91 deputies out of a total of about 180 deputies for the House of Representatives to be a full session, and its decisions are legitimate and have international recognition. Parallel to the Ghadames meetings, a military source affiliated with the Government of National Accord said that the forces of the coup brigade, Khalifa Haftar, withdrew to outside the city of Ubari, about 17 distances, after an attempt to storm a military site of the GNA forces. Haftar’s forces, reinforced by 50 cars, had tried to enter the joint operations room camp in the city of Ubari, southwest of Libya, to demand that the Accord forces surrender their personnel and weapons. The source stated that the withdrawal of Haftar’s forces from the city of Ubari came after the intervention of elders and tribal leaders. Brigadier General Abdul Hadi Dara, a spokesman for the Sirte and Jufrah Operations Room, described the situation in Ubari camp in the stable, but confirmed that Haftar’s forces are still besieging it from the mountains. He indicated that Haftar violated the five plus five (5 + 5) agreement by attacking his forces at the camp to prove his presence after making sure he left the political process..

The Minister of Defense of the Libyan Government of National Accord, Colonel Salah al-Din al-Nimroush, threatened to withdraw the GNA forces from the UN-sponsored ceasefire agreement with Haftar’s forces, considering that the agreement was not as if Haftar did any military action. He issued a warning to the United Nations and the countries that support peace and dialogue in Libya, saying that “if Haftar’s forces are not curbed, the reconciliation forces will withdraw from the agreement .”

Al-Nimroush expressed his astonishment at what he said that the United Nations Mission in Libya and the international community supporting peace in Libya were silent about the movements of Haftar’s forces and their threat to the ceasefire agreement in the south. This, the Supreme Council of State in Libya condemned Haftar’s forces ’breach of the ceasefire with their attack on Tende camp. The city of Ubari in southwestern Libya. In a statement, the Council affirmed that this breach is an implementation of an external agenda aimed at thwarting any peaceful path out of the Libyan crisis through dialogue. He added that he was sure that Haftar was not serious about any agreement signed, as was his habit in the past, according to the text of the statement .