AlBahie Auction House has announced its 2020 auctions and exhibitions beginning with the return of The Amber Auction on January 14 at 7.30pm, coinciding with the conclusion of the Kahraman Festival at Katara – the Cultural Village.
“Highly coveted and valued from antiquity to the present, amber has been prized as a gemstone in jewellery-making and as a healing agent in folk medicine. The fascinating history of amber and its special significance to collectors in the region inspired AlBahie to bring once again a collection of this unique stone to auction,” AlBahie said in a press statement.
Highlights include vintage and rare misbaha in various shades ranging from yellow amber to dark amber along with beautifully carved amber necklaces.
All lots will be on view at AlBahie during the pre-auction exhibition, which will be free and open to the public to “come ,enjoy, study and appreciate these exceptional treasures”, the statement notes.
AlBahie has invited all collectors, enthusiasts and curiosity seekers to join the auction house this year “for one of our exciting auctions or exhibitions”. All pre-auction exhibitions and live auctions are free and open to the public, and no ticket or entry fee is required.
The AlBahie 2020 auction and exhibition calendar is as follows: February – Special Numbers Auction; March – Antiques Fair & Auction; April – Rugs & Carpets Auction; September – Art in Qatar Today Auction; October – The Amber Auction and Special Numbers Auction; November – Modern & Contemporary Art Auction; and December – Fine Rugs & Carpets Auction.
For more information and the latest details, one can visit @albahie on Instagram. To book a table or RSVP, one can contact AlBahie by phone or e-mail.