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Ali Ahmed, General Manager of Simaisma Resort, one of the Merweb hotels, the executive arm of Katara Hospitality Company, explained that Simaisma Resort, with its integrated operational data, has become the first tourist destination for the Qatari family due to its provision of services that are consistent with international hospitality standards and its preservation of the traditions of the Qatari society by taking into account privacy in all its service components. It is internationally recognized for its quality, stressing that taking into account Qatari customs and preserving its privacy tops the priorities of the resort’s concern, which Qatari families make up 90% of its occupancy rates. Ali Ahmed said in an interview with Al Sharq:Simaisma Resort, with its strategic location, provides leisure seekers with opportunities to enjoy attractive beaches and high-luxury rooms that ensure an enjoyable vacation for all family members, indicating that Simaisma Resort adopts a strategy and a system of integrated marketing plans to acquire a large share of family tourism as the resort One of the leading resorts in family tourism thanks to its fulfillment of all the requirements and quality services that meet the desires of family members, noting in this context that Simaisma is one of the first local resorts to provide integrated services to Qatari families, and these services are completely consistent with local values ​​and customs.

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Recreational facilities

Ali Ahmed said, “The Simaisma Resort, which offers stunning panoramic sea views, and includes a set of integrated recreational facilities that suit Qatari taste and traditions, is an exclusive haven for families, explaining that the resort is located 25 minutes from Doha with 52 authentically designed villas, 3 main outlets, a spa Access to the beach and water sports activities and one of the largest swimming pools in Qatar, noting that the resort provides enjoyment of exceptional service and privacy, through a two, 3 or 4-bedroom villa with or without a private pool, and it also provides a private beach area, water sports facilities, and a swimming pool It operates throughout the year and has a barbecue facility, and guests can enjoy a variety of foods in its different restaurants, and free private parking is available at the resort, and all rooms have a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi, while some rooms have a seating area that allows you to relax in After a busy day, it also includesThe bathrooms have a shower, bathrobe and slippers, and there is a gift shop at the property. The resort also offers a tennis court and a car rental service. Hamad International Airport is 38 km from Simaisma Resort, and the resort has 3 swimming pools and a private beach area.

Marketing system

Ali Ahmed said:Sumaisma Resort has an integrated marketing system to attract tourists from various global markets exporting to tourism based on the components of a qualitative product that is distinguished by luxury, luxury, relaxation and privacy, noting in this context that the resort places at the forefront of its marketing calendar the active participation in all international promotional forums and exhibitions under the umbrella of Katara Hospitality to market the State of Qatar As an attractive international tourist destination that enjoys a privileged position on the map of the international tourism industry, in addition to promoting the resort’s services and its growing role in enriching the local and global tourism sector, indicating that participation in international promotional forums allows the resort to meet with a constellation and elite of international decision-makers concerned with evaluating the hospitality industry to inform them about the resort And its services of absolute privacy, according to which it obtained a number of awards and certificates of appreciation from international institutions related to evaluating the vocabulary and components of the resort and hospitality industry in general, adding by saying, “The global marketing exhibitions provide opportunities for discussion and exchange of ideas with international companies exporting tourism, in addition to meeting with the resort’s counterparts in the global market to get acquainted with new tourist destinations and see the latest promotional mechanisms that serve all tourism markets.

Occupancy rates

Ali Ahmed said: “Simaisma Resort is one of the resorts that attract large numbers of visitors due to the privacy and uniqueness of its services, explaining that the resort’s occupancy rates reached more than 80% and 100% during the weekend, expressing his wishes that Simaisma Resort will be the preferred destination for a vacation to enjoy. With its incomparable services, Ali Ahmed said: “Simaisma Resort has started to activate strategic partnerships and important relationships with the important global online reservation sites that actively contribute to marketing the resort’s services.

Sanitary standards

Ali Ahmed said: “The Clean Qatar program, which includes a series of health specifications and standards for sterilization and cleaning of hospitality establishments, also includes a set of precautionary measures and guidelines that must be followed when sterilization of the unique and distinct programs, stressing that Simaisma Resort is one of the institutions that has strictly committed to implementing all the provisions of the program. It has become a title for a safe tourism experience, explaining that the integrated precautionary and preventive measures included in the program have greatly contributed to strengthening the operational business of the hospitality sector, supporting its success, and enhancing its role in stimulating and stimulating domestic tourism through the components of a product that is characterized by quality and is committed to health standards, confirming that Simaisma Resort has obtained a certificate The Qatar program is clean thanks to its fulfillment of the terms of the program and its role in achieving a safe stay experience for guests and enjoying comfort and peace in all the resort’s service facilities.

Adding, “The resort works to sterilize its facilities daily and to repeatedly carry out thorough cleaning and use of disinfectants in all rooms, air conditioning systems, equipment, tanks and toilets, in addition to ensuring intensive sterilization of areas where meeting and communication with guests, especially the reception halls and other common places, is also emphasized by the resort.” To use phone applications or other modern technologies to finish the arrival and departure procedures without contact and maintain a safe distance between individuals, which is not less than 2 meters, in addition to conducting a thermal examination for all employees daily before starting work and isolating the employee immediately in the event of noticing any symptoms that may appear on him and communicate With the Ministry of Public Health and applying the same conditions to suppliers and inmates.

Ali Ahmed said, “Simaisma Resort pays special attention to the promotion of employees’ capabilities and the development of their professional and professional capabilities. Therefore, the resort has brought to the ground a set of training sessions, online courses and workshops for various employees in all the resort facilities, indicating in this context that the resort Simaisma includes a number of modern restaurants that offer a variety of foods and foods that meet all tastes through a number of international chefs who possess a great balance of experience gained during their work in a number of hospitality establishments of various classifications and categories.

A promising market

Ali Ahmed described the Doha market for the tourism industry as a vibrant and dynamic market and one of the promising markets that provides a modern product that keeps pace with the data of global tourism and surpasses them with its diversity and services that comply with all health requirements, adding that the Doha market for the hospitality industry is one of the important markets on the international map due to its inclusion of a series of Hotel brands that provide service philosophies that enrich the hospitality industry and meet all the desires of tourism at the local and international levels, noting that Doha hotels are famous for the quality of their services and their keeping up with the latest developments and the latest developments related to the hotel industry, describing the competition between the components of the hotel sector as healthy, positive and in the interest of the hospitality sector , Given that each hotel sign has its own service character with which it competes and is trying to obtain the satisfaction and approval of the guests.