Qatar is successfully managing the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis, HE the Spokesperson of the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management Lolwah bint Rashid bin Mohamed AlKhater has said.
At a press conference yesterday evening she gave a presentation on Covid-19 management in the country and reassured all about the safety and efficacy of the approach adopted.
“The recent increase in the number of virus infections is linked to an increase in the number of tests, and the adoption of a proactive screening approach with a view to discovering transitional strings and this is a healthy indicator in the first place,” she asserted.
“The increase in the number of cases is a natural indicator of the ability of the health system to manage the crisis and contain cases as quickly as possible.
“One of the important indicators is the ability of the health system in Qatar to deal with cases, while many developed countries could not cope with the cases and contain the virus.”
She stressed that the most important aspect in combating Covid-9 is the commitment of the people to follow the preventive and precautionary measures and warned that complacency may prolong the crisis.
HE AlKhater reiterated that the increase in the number of cases in recent times is an indication of the efficiency of the surveillance mechanism in Qatar.
“The Ministry of Public Health does not conduct tests randomly, but through a dedicated team for search, which is the effective factor in curbing the virus spread.
“Some countries do not conduct proactive checks, but rather discover cases when patients go to hospitals after symptoms appear. This means that there are cases that have not been discovered yet.
“Conducting accurate proactive checks is important to discover cases early and not wait until symptoms appear in patients.
“Qatar is among the top countries in terms of the number of tests in relation to the population reaching about 20,200 per million people, whereas in leading countries such as Singapore it is 16,000 per million and in Hong Kong 17,500 per million of the population.”
HE AlKhater assured that the pace of the tests are continuing and called for avoidance of inaccurate calculations and misreading the indicators and numbers of the tests.
“There is a scientific approach for conducting tests in Qatar, which is similar to what is going on in the leading countries in this regard.”