New Qatari investments expected in Africa

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The “all Africa” ​​website published a report in which it spoke about the existence of Qatari interest in investing in the agricultural sector in Ethiopia, whether in the capital Addis Ababa or other cities, referring to the great efforts made by the Ethiopian diplomatic missions in various countries of the world, and in Qatar in particular by working to participate in various special events in this sector in the countries concerned, and focusing on highlighting the huge potential that Ethiopia has in the agricultural field, starting from the quality of its lands and its distinction in a climate that allows the production of various agricultural crops, up to its possession of a large number of Manpower is able to achieve the desired agricultural goals to be achieved. It is expected that many Qatari agricultural investments will appear in Ethiopia during the coming period, based on the statements of the Ethiopian Ambassador to Doha, Mrs. Samia Zakaria.

The Ethiopian ambassador to Doha stressed, during her speech with the website’s correspondent, the increasing interest of Qatari investors in participating in the Ethiopian economy and working to develop it during the next stage, by launching many investments in various fields, especially in the agricultural sector that includes sugar production, as well as the production of livestock that owns Ethiopia has enormous potentials, noting that there is a regular meeting of the Joint Technical Committee between Ethiopia and Qatar, to evaluate the implementation of agreements in various sectors and work to propose the possibility of establishing more partnerships in the agricultural and trade sectors, which are the main priority.

She indicated that the sustainable economic growth in Ethiopia, in addition to the improvement of infrastructure, the availability of land and labor, without forgetting the facilities provided by the government to foreign investors, are among the most prominent factors that have persuaded many Qatari businessmen and companies to pump their money into the Turkish market, in order to participate. In realizing the future vision of Qatar based mainly on diversifying sources of income, we await the strengthening of the Ethiopian market with many Qatari projects in the agricultural sector in the near future.