Amnesty period for illegal residents ends tomorrow (December 1)

Doha: The three-month amnesty announced by the government for expatriates staying illegally to leave the country without facing legal consequences will end on December 1. The Ministry so far has not announced any plan to extend the grace period.
There has been a surge in the number of illegal expats approaching the Search and Follow-Up Department to avail of the opportunity.
An air-conditioned tent has been set up in the premises for the comfort of the amnesty seekers.
The exact number of people who opted for amnesty will be known tomorrow.
The concerned departments are expected to intensify the search operation after tomorrow to nab illegal residents and legal action will be initiated against them.
Embassies of some Asian countries had urged their citizens staying in the country illegally to approach the Search and Follow-Up Department of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) to avail the amnesty well before it ends.
Travel documents or emergency certificates are issued if the passport is not valid or lost. Those holding valid passports can head to the Search and Follow-Up Department with an open flight ticket or enough money to buy a ticket from a travel agency operating inside the Department.