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Bloomberg Media announced the signing of an agreement with Media City to develop the “Qatar Economic Forum – with the support of Bloomberg”, which will be held in Doha next year.

In a report on the agreement, Bloomberg said that the Qatar Economic Forum will strengthen its unique global position to push forward dynamic talks on the importance of deepening cooperation and communication as a means to enhance economic opportunities, and to establish them strategically in Doha, where the intersection between East, West and Africa.

The activities of the forum, which will be held over a period of three days, will witness meetings attended by representatives from the Middle East and all over the world to participate in various and multi-sector agendas. The activities of the forum include individual meetings, group discussions and presentations with a focus on investment and economic fields, including technology, education, sports, culture and climate.

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Bloomberg pointed out that the development of the forum came at a time when the world is witnessing an unprecedented state of turmoil and fragmentation, as the forum will provide a comprehensive approach based on data and ideas to cover business, trade, finance and politics, helping to build and create strategic plans for the next phase of global economic growth.

Justin B Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media, said: “The Qatar Economic Forum, supported by Bloomberg, will empower international business leaders and financial influencers with new perspectives and unique data-driven insights.” The world-class live event experience from Bloomberg Agency and Promotion can also be leveraged. The Qatar Economic Forum will identify opportunities, provide solutions, and identify feasible first steps towards creating a more prosperous future. ”

In remarks to Bloomberg, Mohamed Badr Al-Sada, CEO of Media City, said: “We welcome everyone from different parts of the world to attend an important event such as the Qatar Economic Forum,” through an ambitious media platform, where global economic leaders and prominent experts will expose the world to innovative, unified and effective methods. To face economic challenges, he added that the forum opens up prospects for the future and provides opportunities for exchanging new ideas on how to jointly work for innovation and economic reinvention.

The US agency said that the forum will receive comprehensive global media coverage produced by Bloomberg Live. Bloomberg News will also participate in the programmatic and editorial production of the forum, with live broadcasts on Bloomberg Station, in addition to news coverage through the agency’s global media platforms, including On that TV and its website.

The agency said that the announcement of the details and agenda of the “Qatar Economic Forum, supported by Bloomberg” will be announced at a later time.