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An Egyptian resident in Kuwait was stabbed by an Egyptian resident, after he forced her to stop in a street and stab her several times after the matter got mixed up with him and believed that she was free.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, after the Egyptian woman went to Al-Sabah Hospital to visit her sick husband, forcing the perpetrator to stop and inflicting three stab wounds on her in the face, one of which nearly caused her tongue to be amputated.

The Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Anbaa, quoted a security source as saying: “The perpetrator was arrested at the beginning of his third decade, and he was referred to the Public Prosecution for investigation on charges of attempted murder, while the victim was transferred to the hospital, and several operations were performed on her face. “.

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The source revealed the results of the preliminary investigations with the perpetrator, who claimed that he “stabbed his citizenship due to the similarity of the veil that the victim was wearing with the veil of his ex-wife, which prompted him to force her to stop, in the Sheraton roundabout, and to stab her several times,” according to his statements.

According to the same source, the perpetrator had never met or knew the victim, but rather – according to the accused’s confessions and the investigations of the investigations – “the matter was confused by him.”

The security source pointed out that obtaining explicit and sufficient answers from the accused will solve many of the ambiguities about the case, provided that it is referred in all cases to the Public Prosecution on the charge of attempted murder.