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Ahmed Ibrahim,
in an unusual way, with exceptional dimensions, and extremely complex political, economic, health and political conditions. This year, the National Day came to place before the world a defiant, stubborn, correct, flexible and solid state, insisting on achievement and miracles under the slogan we thank you, Oh, the Throne.

The year did not end here in Doha without a declaration of political steadfastness, a healthy challenge, economic strength and a sporting victory, all represented by a wise young leadership with a close, accomplished and distant vision, which, despite all circumstances, achieved what was planned in the collective mind as a dream drawn in minds, to be applied on the ground reality and achievements not The eye denies it, and here we will see how Qatar has persevered in its political positions to solve the Gulf crisis, and how it dealt with the most severe health crisis in the world and the economic setbacks that followed, Qatar was at the forefront of addressing it.


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The health challenge:

The current year was a year of health challenges ably with the spread of the Corona virus in the world, but this year did not end, and days before today, Qatar announced that the Corona vaccine will arrive in the country in the coming days, as Dr.Yusef Al-Maslamani – Medical Director of Hamad General Hospital at Hamad Medical Corporation said -, that early next year 2021 will be the date for the State of Qatar to receive the first batches of the emerging anti-corona virus vaccine “Covid-19”, after contracting with Moderna and Pizer. 

During the year, Qatar appreciated the efforts of the health sector in general, and the White Army in particular, for their efforts to address the Corona pandemic, and to directly treat the injured, as they put their lives at risk in order to provide a service with global standards to those infected with Coronavirus, and other patients under exceptional circumstances. “.

The world praised Qatar’s efforts in combating the emerging corona virus pandemic, praising Qatar’s ability to deal with the epidemic ably, thanks to the strong health system and the use of human cadres and expertise.

Qatar is one of the countries with a high level of capabilities and a strong health system and has clear plans to prepare and respond to health emergencies and epidemics, and the health authorities have tested all travelers and they are now in quarantine for two weeks. With the discovery of cases of infection, our recommendations were followed in terms of laboratory examination, contact tracing and isolation of positive cases, and this is what Qatar is doing and the proactive efforts it has made to contain the virus and limit its spread since its beginning.

Strength and economic challenge

Corona virus infected various state sectors and caused an economic crisis that we cannot deny in the government and private sector, but what has Doha done in this regard?

Many recent studies have confirmed that the State of Qatar has provided a successful model in overcoming the repercussions of the new Corona virus on the economy through a major economic stimulus package and successful measures and measures that have proven their efficiency and effectiveness, as they were not limited to quantitative management only, but extended to include financial policies in support of private sector companies affected by the crisis.

On March 15, 2020, the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management to Combat the Emerging Coronavirus (Covid-19) met under the chairmanship of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of the country, who directed the initiation of a package of decisions and procedures, including decisions related to the financial and economic sector that included Supporting and providing financial and economic incentives in the amount of 75 billion Qatari riyals to the private sector, and the Qatar Central Bank to put in place the appropriate mechanism to encourage banks to postpone loan installments and obligations of the private sector with a grace period of six months and directing Qatar Development Bank to postpone installments for all borrowers for a period of six months, with directing funds The government to increase its investments in the stock exchange by an amount of 10 billion Qatari riyals, as well as the Central Bank providing additional liquidity to banks operating in the country, exempting food and medical goods from customs duties for a period of six months, provided that this is reflected in the selling price to the consumer and the following sectors are exempted from electricity and water feesFor a period of six months: the hospitality and tourism sector, the retail sector, the small and medium industries sector, commercial complexes in exchange for providing services and exemptions to tenants and exemption from rents for logistical areas and small and medium industries for a period of six months.

Sports victory challenge

Athletically, the National Day only came and a new sporting victory was achieved on the ground, represented by the victory of the State of Qatar two days ago to host the twenty-first Asian Games in 2030 after the Doha file obtained the highest number of votes in the vote that took place on the sidelines of the work of the thirty-ninth General Assembly of the Council Olympic Asian in the Omani capital, Muscat.

Qatar assures the world of its superior ability to host the World Cup despite all circumstances. The country has officially launched Al-Rayyan Stadium, the fourth World Cup 2022 stadium, in a sporting event that coincides with its national day celebrations.

The new Al Rayyan Stadium, which is located 22 kilometers from the center of the capital, Doha, was built on the site of the old stadium that was named “Ahmed Bin Ali”, and will be a home stadium for Al Rayyan, one of the most famous Qatari clubs.

The stadium, known as the “Qatar Desert Gate”, has a capacity of 40,000 spectators, and is scheduled to host seven World Cup matches from the first round to the final price.

And it is widely expected that the 2022 World Cup will be “the talk of the world”, in light of the various projects that Doha is carrying out on the infrastructure. From hotels, airports, ports, stadiums, hospitals, highway networks, transportation and railways.

The Fixed Policy Challenge:

No observer or observer of the Gulf and Arab affairs can only see what the Qatari policy faced during the past years in terms of exceptional Gulf, Arab and international challenges, the core of which was the Gulf crisis, which seems to have reached its last stations after the strenuous efforts of the Kuwaiti mediation state that announced reaching “Final agreement” to solve the Gulf crisis.

At the time, Her Excellency Lolwah Al-Khater, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Official Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirmed that the sisterly State of Kuwait’s statement regarding the Gulf crisis puts us on the first path to a solution, and it is “an important and positive step, explaining that the discussions during the past period were trying to set a framework for dialogue and reconciliation.” We look forward to completing it during the coming period, leading to an end to the crisis.

It is the constant basic rule that Qatar has put in place since the beginning of the crisis and that constructive dialogue between the people of the Gulf is the only way to end one of the most difficult crises that have gone through this hot geographical region.
Al-Khater said, “As we continue in these talks, we will continue on the basis of mutual respect, and that any solution to the Gulf crisis must preserve the sovereignty, independence and security of every country … and put the security and well-being of the Gulf peoples in mind.” 

The State of Qatar has confirmed since the first day that the biggest loser from this crisis is the march of the Gulf Cooperation Council, its unity, and the citizens of this council .. Therefore, the solution will be a victory for all .. a victory for the Cooperation Council .. and before that a victory for the Gulf peoples.