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Developing Doha Corniche and building central public parks



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The Public Works Authority “Ashghal” revealed that the infrastructure program for regions and local road projects is working to develop and modernize existing roads and infrastructure for sanitation, drainage of groundwater and rainwater, in addition to establishing integrated roads and infrastructure in new areas that lack services.
In its annual report, the Public Works Authority pointed out that local road projects include the construction of new roads, improving existing roads through their expansion, increasing the number of their tracks, converting roundabouts into intersections and traffic lights, developing street lighting systems, cosmetic and landscaping.
The Public Authority for Works said that the number of coupons served in semi-developed areas amounted to 1790 coupons, while the number of coupons served in new areas reached about 1728 coupons. He pointed out, in the meantime, that 4 roundabouts have been transferred to intersections..and on green areas, they have reached about 19 thousand square meters.
The sewage works on the roads included about 375 km .. The Public Works Authority implemented joint paths for pedestrians and bicycles amounting to about 25 km

* Completion of 20 projects and it

came in the annual report of the Public Works Authority that it had completed more than 20 projects, the most important of which are: Road and infrastructure in West of Muaither “Package 1”, Bani Hajar “Package 2” and West Al Wakra “Package 3”, developing infrastructure around Al Rayyan Stadium and the surrounding roads, and developing the extension of the Arab League Street. And the development of the Al-Gharafa intersection known as the Passport Roundabout and the 22nd of February Road.

* Beautification of public roads

In its report, the Public Works Authority indicated that it has formed a committee to supervise the beautification of roads and public places in the country and the projects undertaken by the committee aim to recreate a civilized, community and healthy environment by reviving some streets, internal roads, vital places, residential areas and open spaces in the country by providing pedestrian and bicycle paths Pneumatic and the addition of cosmetic elements with national identity in the project to develop the central Doha region and some road projects.

The committee is also working to increase the percentage of green areas and central and branch public parks in addition to developing and improving some beaches in and outside of Doha.

* Building central gardens

The Public Works Authority assigned a number of tasks to the committee, including the construction of bridges and pedestrian and bicycle paths. And the development of the Doha Corniche and the construction of central public parks in various regions in Qatar, in addition to afforestation and the increase in green spaces and the development of the central Doha region.

The report stated that by the year 2022, the green areas will increase by 240%, and the length of pedestrian and bicycle paths will reach 2647 km, of which about 119 km has been completed in 2019 .. In total, about 62% of these tracks have been completed .. Public Works Authority said that by the year 2022, the green areas will reach about 10 thousand square meters, of which 43.7% have been completed so far.

* Achievements in 8 municipalities

Concerning the work of the Supervision Committee on Beautifying Roads and Public Places in the country, according to the municipalities, the Public Works Authority explained that in the municipality of Al-Khor and Al-Thakhira, the green areas reached about one million and 500 thousand square meters, while the pedestrian paths and bicycles reached about 60 km and 8 thousand and 600 trees were planted.

In the municipality of Al-Da’ayen, the green areas reached one million and 600 thousand square meters, and the pedestrian paths reached bicycles about 43 km. In the municipality of Umm Salal, the green areas reached 4 thousand and 400 square meters. The length of the pedestrian and bicycle paths reached 63 km square and 18 thousand trees were planted. In the municipality of Doha, the green areas have reached 2 million and 700 thousand square meters.

The length of the pedestrian and bicycle paths reached 274 km2, and 36,000 trees were planted. The Public Authority for Works pointed out that the area of ​​green areas in the Al-Wakra Municipality amounted to about 187 thousand square meters, and 70 km square was provided for pedestrians and bicycles, while 17 thousand trees were planted.

At the level of the North Municipality, the length of the pedestrian and bicycle path has reached 4 thousand square meters, and 2150 trees have been planted. In Al-Shahaniya municipality, 16 thousand square meters have been prepared, and 12 square kilometers of pedestrians and bicycles have been equipped. In the Rayyan municipality, the green areas have reached one million and 500 thousand meters, Maria, the path length reached about 208 kilometers, and 31,000 trees were planted.

* Vital projects

Among the most important achievements that were inaugurated by the zodiac, theater, and the Four Season garden, as well as the completion of work in several yards such as Freej Kulaib and separate squares on Al Waab Street and next to the Khalifa Stadium and on the streets of Qatifiyah and Bin Tawar .. At the same time, most of the tree planting work in the region was completed Surrounding Al-Wakra Central Market and

Al-Sailiya Central Market, and the completion of the establishment of cosmetic walls of a distinctive nature in Ras Bouaboud Street next to the Palace of the Sea and around the golf club and Al-Markhiya Street, as well as the completion of the development of many main local roads and the implementation of afforestation and the increase in green spaces, such as the road between the Al Wakra Metro Station The South Stadium and part of Al Waab Road, in addition to the streets of Qatifiyah, Al Buhaira, Al Markhiya and Unaizah (known as Independence), the Equestrian intersection with Al Waab, Al Annabi Street, Al Wajbah Street, and the Khuwair area.