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 The Public Works Authority “Ashghal” today announced the service of about 3000 plots within the road and infrastructure development project for new citizens’ lands in Al-Wukair South, as part of the authority’s commitment to implement its plan to develop roads and infrastructure in various regions in the country, which aims to provide an integrated infrastructure For new lands of citizens in these areas to allow citizens to build their homes.

Engineer Salem Al Shawi, Assistant Director of Roads Projects Department, confirmed that the road and infrastructure development project for new citizens’ lands in South Al Wukair, or what is known as Muaither Al Wukair, is one of the road and infrastructure development projects implemented by the Public Works Authority in Al Wakrah Municipality, in order to meet the needs of Population expansion in the area, indicating that the project covers an area of ​​1,338 hectares, and includes in addition to the residential plots 16 schools, 32 mosques and 17 commercial establishments. It is 100 km long, 114 km of rainwater drainage networks, 123 km of drinking water lines, in addition to electricity, lighting lines and facilities associated with these services. According to the Ashghal website.

Engineer Salem Al Shawi also explained that the project’s work included the development of two main roads north and west of the project, stressing their role in facilitating the movement of transportation within the region and reducing the travel time for residents and visitors to the region in reaching their destinations, especially after they are linked with the new Al Wakra Road and Al Wukair Road. The year in the near future, through other projects that the Commission is working to award.

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Eng. Ahmed Al-Obaidly, Head of the Southern Areas Department of Roads Projects Department, indicated that, next week, Ashghal will start a new project, which is the eighth package of the Roads and Infrastructure Project in the West of Al-Mashaf to serve about 1,462 plots, of which about 650 are inside Al-Wukair South, with a value A total of 515 million Qatari riyals, and the project works include road works of about 41 km, the provision of 1,737 lighting poles and 650 parking spaces, in addition to the provision of 64 km of surface and ground water drainage networks, a 22 km sewage network and a treated water network of 2 km.

As part of the visit that was held to the project site, Mr. Abdul Hadi Khamis, Director of the Public Affairs Department at Al Wakra Municipality, expressed his happiness to see the clear development in the area, which was previously a desert that lacks all services, but today it has an integrated infrastructure that allows citizens to start building their homes. directly.

For his part, Mr. Jaber bin Muhammad Al Suwaidi, a member of the Central Municipal Council for the 20th district, said that the completion of the project at this level is a cause for pride, as it includes everything that the citizen needs to build his home, including roads, lighting, sidewalks, drainage networks, water and other infrastructure services Needed by the region.

Engineer Hamad Al-Mujaba, Project Manager at Roads Projects Department in Ashghal, explained that as part of Ashghal’s endeavor to support local manufacturers and local products, local materials and manufacturers have been relied upon in most of the road development project and infrastructure for government residential subdivisions in Al Wukair South. The local Qatari sources must supply the materials and elements so that the local component will reach 65% of the project.

The engineer added that “Ashghal” was keen to accelerate work completion, motivate contractors and urge them to deliver projects according to the specified timelines. The number of working hours without accidents in the four packages of the project reached about 11 million hours without injuries.

It is noteworthy that the first package of the project included the construction of an internal road network, a sewage network, an electricity network, and a potable water network to serve all residential and commercial units, where 37 kilometers were completed, about 28 kilometers of sewage networks were completed, and 34 kilometers of Rainwater and groundwater drainage network, this package served 1026 plots.

As for the second package, which serves 1052 plots, the installation of 22 km of sewage networks and 25.8 km of rainwater and groundwater drainage networks have been completed, as well as 72 km of the drinking water network and 52 km of roads.

Through the third package, a sewage network with a length of 20 km, a network of rainwater and groundwater drainage of 29 km, as well as a network of internal and external roads with a total length of about 75 km, this package provides services for 349 housing plots.

As for the fourth package of the project, it served 809 plots and included the completion of a sewage network of 28 km and a network for rainwater and groundwater drainage of 27.4 km, in addition to communications and electricity networks to serve all residential and commercial units in the area in addition to the completion of approximately 20 km of network Safe drinking water and implementation of 57 kilometers of internal and external roads.