Doha – East

The Model and Artwork Committee signed new contracts with seasoned Qatari artists to submit proposals for artistic works and models in various locations within the development and beauty projects in central Doha and the Corniche, which are implemented by the Committee to oversee the beautification of roads and public places in the country in the Public Works Authority “Ashghal”, Thursday, July 2 2019.

The figures and artworks committee includes members from the main committee in Ashghal and all of Qatar’s museums, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and the Ministry of Municipality and Environment.

The signing of the contracts was attended by Eng. Youssef Al-Emadi, Director of Projects Affairs in Ashghal, Eng. Muhammad Arqoub Al-Khaldi, Chairman of the Supervision Committee for Roads Beautification and Public Places in the country, and Engineer Sarah Kafoud, Head of Designs in the Supervision Committee on Roads Beautification and Public Places in the country, in addition to seasoned Qatari artists They are the artist Hassan Al-Mulla, the artist Salman Al-Malik, the artist Ali Hassan, the artist Wafika Al-Essa, the artist Mohammed Al-Ateeq, and the artist Jamila Al-Shuraim. During the signing of the contracts, social divergence was taken into account and all precautionary measures were taken to ensure the safety of all in light of the Corona pandemic crisis.

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On this occasion, Eng. Youssef Al-Emadi, Director of Projects Affairs at Ashghal, stated that the contracts were signed within the projects of developing and beautifying the central area of ​​Doha, which aims to develop public places, squares and streets and raise their aesthetic value and turn the entire region into a tourist attraction, and added that the business The technical designs generated by the new contracts will create a distinct spirit and character for the region that is appropriate to its identity and unique design.

Eng. Muhammad Arqoub Al-Khaldi, Chairman of the Supervision Committee on Beautification of Roads and Public Places in the country, stated that the Committee on Embodiments and Artistic Works aims to enhance the artistic culture of the people in the State of Qatar, and to highlight the Qatari identity in the field of art and sculpture, by employing artistic creativity and innovative production of Qatari talents and talents Residents of Qatar, adding that the committee was formed through joint cooperation between four government agencies with the aim of working to implement artistic works, murals and artistic figures to enrich cities and roads with distinctive aesthetic manifestations.

Engineer Abdul Rahman Al Ishaq, Head of the General Art Department at Qatar Museums, and Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Committee on Solids and Artistic Works, pointed out the importance of joint cooperation between different government agencies to achieve common goals, where work was done to attract and involve the largest possible number of artists and creators to participate in development and beauty projects The Central District of Doha and creating its own character makes it an open museum rich in works of artists.

The engineer Sarah Kavoud, Head of Designs at the State Roads Supervision and Beautification Committee, said that contracts were signed by veteran artists to provide initial ideas for artworks, figures and murals that reflect the identity of Qatar in the eyes of its children to add the fingerprint of the Qatari artist in the region, and added that there will be several other different locations And scattered throughout the country, it will be announced later in conjunction with the project schedule, in coordination with the museums of Qatar, the municipality and the Ministry of Culture.

The artist, Hassan Al Mulla, stated that he will work hard to present an artwork that is commensurate with the distinctive nature of the project, and added that the artworks that will be implemented in those areas must be designed to integrate with the surrounding environment and attract visitors to it.

The artist Salman Al-Malik expressed his happiness with the support of the committee for the Qatari artists and their involvement in the implementation of murals and works of art in important areas of the country, and expressed his pride in calling for the signing of this contract to provide artistic, cultural and intellectual services related to arts and artistic figures that are in line with the nature of the place.

The artist Ali Hassan said, I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to submit proposals for artworks for one of the projects in the country. God willing, I will be at the level of responsibility, where the proposed sites must be studied well to present artwork that integrates with them, and we will work together to beautify our beloved homeland.

The artist Wafika Al-Essa spoke, saying that she is happy with the signing of this contract and her choice to participate in presenting artistic works in our beloved country Qatar, adding that it is important to educate the public about the importance of the presence of artistic works to give a distinctive aesthetic character to the roads and squares, as it contributes to linking the artwork to the place mentally.

The artist, Mohammed Al-Ateeq, pointed out that the State of Qatar has its distinct identity and unique cultural heritage, and therefore the implementation of sculptures and works of art related to this identity in its arenas will certainly enhance the overall aesthetic appearance, adding that he was always aspiring to have his mark on the land of his beloved country Qatar.

Supervising the beautification of roads and public places in the country

The Committee oversees the beautification of roads and public places in the country in coordination with several ministries and government agencies in the country such as the Ministry of Communications and Communications, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the museums of Qatar and the Qatar Railways Company and the private engineering office and others, and the work of the committee includes five main tasks that include building central public parks, providing special paths for pedestrians and bicycles Aerobic, Doha Corniche development, Doha Central area development, in addition to afforestation and landscaping.