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The Public Works Authority “Ashghal” has completed enhancing traffic safety on the roads surrounding 465 schools across the country, accounting for 88 percent of the total number of schools included in the program to enhance traffic safety in the areas surrounding schools, while work is underway to complete the implementation of safety plans around 38 schools, in A framework for preparing for the new academic year 2020/2021.

In addition to what has been accomplished, Ashghal continues to work on finalizing the design of plans for 5 schools, to be started as soon as approvals are obtained from the various concerned authorities in the country, and 25 other schools are in the process of designing the surrounding road plans.

According to a study conducted by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ashghal, in coordination with the Ministry of Interior and the National Road Safety Committee, identified school areas in need of development. Priority was given this year to about 533 schools in various regions of the country, meaning that 100 percent of schools are listed in Various stages of the program.

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Eng. Hassan Al Hammadi, Head of Highway Operation and Maintenance Department, affirmed that Ashghal puts a program to enhance traffic safety in the areas surrounding schools among its priorities within the framework of implementing the National Traffic Safety Strategy 2018-2022 to reduce traffic congestion in these areas and separate traffic from Pedestrians and vehicle traffic, improving temporary unpaved roads and ensuring the safety of students and parents during entry and exit from schools.

He explained that the works that are being carried out include the construction and development of roads at the highest levels of safety, by providing parking for vehicles, and establishing intermediate islands and small roundabouts that would regulate traffic in those areas, pointing out that the road maintenance management and operation team in / Ashghal / works within The program is to place a sufficient number of signboards, signs and road signs near schools to alert drivers to the presence of a school in the vicinity and to set the maximum speed to 30 kilometers per hour.

He added that industrial humps with specific specifications are being created to reduce speed, create safe lanes for pedestrians and people with special needs, and update and maintain them at the entrances and exits of schools .. indicating that an asphalt strip is also being constructed in a clear and not smooth color to alert drivers when entering or exiting the school area with signals Clear warnings on the roads leading to schools, in order to secure safe entrances to schools overlooking the main streets.