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 Aspetar, the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, announced today the launch of a virtual forum series that discusses the book “Aspetar’s Scientific Group for Sports Medicine”, which will be organized monthly from next December until the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar.

The series of online forums will provide healthcare professionals with the opportunity to interact and learn about the most important research and various topics related to sports medicine, which have made Aspetar a successful model in the field of sports medicine.

The Aspetar Sports Medicine Group online forum allows free access to the latest evidence-based information and scientific evidence covered in the scientific journal Aspetar for an audience of clinicians, coaches and athletes from all over the world.

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By organizing the forum on a monthly basis, starting from December 2020 until the World Cup in November 2022, experts will discuss various topics related to twenty-four chapters of the book “Aspetar Group for Sports Medicine” that was launched last September, where each chapter will be discussed in A separate topic every month, and these topics will be available for everyone to download for free and take advantage of them.

The topic of “Foot and Ankle” will be the first topic to be discussed in detail in the first series of the forum, which will be held on the second of next December, and will be moderated by Professor Peter Duch, Acting Chief Physician of Aspetar with the participation of a number of speakers.

Many important topics in the field of sports medicine and sports science will also be discussed, such as: hydration and nutrition, recovery strategies, sleep and troubles of long travel, sports psychology, cardiac health, diseases in athletes, ethics in sports medicine, and concussion in sports … and others. Of subjects.

The virtual forum provides an educational opportunity for professors, trainers, clinicians, healthcare workers, researchers, and anyone with an interest in medical education and sports medicine, and allows them to join experts from all over the world in an interactive one-hour discussion on a topic on a monthly basis.

The forum will be held using “Microsoft Teams” technology, which allows for complete audio and video communication and interaction between the presenter of the program and the participants. The registration will be available through the official website / Aspetar on the Internet. Participants will also be able to participate in a special hashtag on the platform / Twitter / and ask questions to be completed. Answer them directly during the forum, and the forum will be registered and shared on the official social media channels and platforms of / Aspetar /.