Hidden from sight by the colossal and one of the most well-known malls of Qatar, the Villaggio Mall, lies the 88 hectare large Aspire Park in the Aspire Zone of Doha. The park’s lush greenery is a sight to behold and comfort for sore eyes, the park represents a stark contrast between the otherwise arid surroundings. It is one of the rare and underrated locations that add to the charm of the Doha City.

The park has been designed in a way that strikes a balance between a sports oriented location and a relaxing outdoor spot. The park lies in the company of the Khalifa Stadium, the Hamad Aquatic Center, and the Aspire Dome among others.

The park remains particularly busy during the winter times as families seek to spend time together in a natural setting away from the stress of work and routine of daily life. Not only is the Park is equipped with walking and jogging tracks but also with children’s play area, football pitches, fountains and lots of trees as well.

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In fact, the Park is home to the only Lake of Qatar, where people can admire different types of ducks and fish. The park truly is a place where families and friends can spend quality time away from the pollution, noise and congestion of the city.

Nearby landmarks:  

Khalifa Stadium, Hamad Aquatic Center, THE TORCH DOHA Hotel, Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence, Aspire Dome, Villaggio Mall and Hyatt Plaza Mall—the park is directly behind these malls