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The American Associated Press commented on a tweet by the incumbent Republican President Donald Trump on Twitter, in which he demanded that the vote count be stopped, indicating that his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, is close to his removal from the White House.

The Associated Press says the incumbent president wants to stop legally counting votes cast in his Thursday tweet in which he said, “Stop counting!”

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To date, votes across the country have been counted efficiently and without evidence of any misconduct, the agency says, despite Trump’s public complaints, as elections are administered by state, county and local governments.

The agency says – in its report – that Trump’s public comments have no effect on the nationwide vote count.

Trump’s comments came as his campaign filed a lawsuit in several states to try to stop the vote count, citing a lack of transparency. 

Even so, the Trump campaign carried hope that the ongoing count in Arizona would overwhelm Biden’s lead in the state.

She indicated that Democrat Joe Biden came close to obtaining the 270 electoral votes needed to take over the White House, after achieving victories in Wisconsin and Michigan and narrowing hope on the incumbent President Donald Trump.