Attiyah to fight hard for World Cup lead

DOHA – Spain’s Baja Aragon, to be held on July 24 to 26, is one of the events on the calendar that are particularly popular with the drivers. X-raid has decided to field six Mini All4 Racing vehicles in the sixth race of FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup.

The Baja Aragon held at the city of Teruel is the second of the four Bajas representing the ‘European season’. X-raid has truly fond memories of the Spanish event: After all, the seven previous editions all were won by a car from Trebur.

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‘Pace notes’ significantly differ from a road book. In off-road rallying, the competitors don’t know the track, prior to the start, and have to find their way to the finish only by the information provided by the road book. In rallying, the competitors may drive down the special stage a few days before in a road car at legal speed and while doing so, the crew gathers the most different information such as speed, corner radii, terrain conditions etc. And during the special stage, the co-driver guides the driver by reading this information to him.

Nasser al Attiyah (Qatar) and Mathieu Baumel (France) have set themselves a clear goal, for the Baja Aragon – to close the gap to the world cup leader as far as possible or even overtake him. Currently, Attiyah’s gap to the leader amounts to 21 points, with 30 being awarded for the win in a Baja.”I’m going to fight for the win as I do in every race,” stresses the driver from Qatar.

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Source News: Qatar Tribune