The General Directorate of Awqaf at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs announced that it has started support from the Hifz AlNaema Centre for three months.
The support, which started on April 14, will be through food basket campaign, which will cover all the needs of families who were receiving assistance from the centre.
The service of Hifz AlNaema Project depends primarily on social events.
With their suspension, the service was about to stop but the immediate support of the Ministry of Awqaf contributed to the continued provision of its services to more than 1,035 beneficiary families throughout the next three months.
This support comes from the General Directorate of Awqaf through waqf fund for family and childhood care, given the fact that maintaining family stability for the groups benefiting from the project is essential to preserve the family entity, especially in light of the conditions the world is going through.
Director of the General Directorate of Awqaf Dr Sheikh Khalid bin Mohamed al-Thani said the initiative is represented by the General Department of Endowments as part of efforts to combat the coronavirus (Covid-19) by providing 3,015 food baskets of various items to benefit more than 1,035 families.
He added that this support fulfils the conditions of those provided their waqfs to the family and childhood care fund, noting that the door is open to all individuals and entities wishing to support this initiative by calling the number 66011160 and supporting the waqf fund for the family and childhood care.
For his part, Public Relations Officer at Hifz AlNaema Centre Yousef Abdullah al-Khulaifi said that the project aims to encourage the act of goodness, saying the great response from the people of Qatar in the time of prosperity promises that it will be greater in time of need that is currently being experienced, pointing out that the project will continue with the same ambition and determination to deliver the food basket to all beneficiary families. – QNA