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The Public Works Authority “Ashghal” has started developing the Fareej Al Ali intersection known as “Al Tadamon” and turning it into a two-level intersection, as part of the fourth ring road development project, which will enhance the capacity of the intersections and reduce traffic congestion in the region in general.

The development work includes the construction of a tunnel with three lanes in each direction, to provide free traffic movement on the Fourth Ring Road to reduce congestion in front of those coming in the direction of Doha Expressway and 22 February Street, and the intersection of surface traffic lights will also be improved, by increasing the number of lanes from three to four in Each direction at the intersection with Rawdat Al Khail Street, which greatly increases the carrying capacity and provides traffic flow.

In order to allow the implementation of the development works of Fareej Al-Ali Interchange, Ashghal will implement a partial closure of the intersection for a period of six months, starting from the day after tomorrow, Friday, and two traffic lights have been introduced on the Fourth Ring Road, to facilitate the rounding back and the arrival of road users to their destinations in all directions.

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It is worth noting that Ashghal has actually started developing Lulu Interchange, allowing free passage for traffic coming from the Airport Road intersection, towards Fareej Al Ali Interchange along the Fourth Ring Road. While maintaining the traffic light signal in the other direction.

Ashghal is also working on improving the Nuaija intersection, known as the Mall intersection. The works will include developing the interchange and increasing the number of lanes in each direction.

The improvements to be implemented within the fourth ring road development project also include developing rainwater drainage networks by constructing a tunnel to drain them with a total length of about 3.5 km, implementing a common pedestrian and bicycle path on both sides of the road with a length of about 4.5 km, in addition to afforestation works. Throughout the project.

Temporary closure

On the other hand, the Public Works Authority “Ashghal” announced the implementation of a temporary closure of a part of Onaizah Street in the direction from the Civil Defense intersection to the Gulf intersection at a distance of 500 meters before the Gulf intersection, in addition to the closure of part of the Civil Defense intersection in the same direction for those heading forward. From Unaizah Street towards Al Khaleej Street and turn left from Mohammed Bin Thani Street towards Onaiza Street. The closure of Rumaila Street in the direction from Al-Bada Street to Onaiza Street will be implemented from Friday, 11 September 2020, to Saturday, 12 September 2020, in coordination with the General Traffic Department. This closure aims to complete the final asphalt layer works, as part of the Second Ring Road development project.

During this period, those coming from Wadi Al Sail intersection or Onaiza Street and heading towards Al Khaleej Interchange, will have to continue on Mohammed Bin Thani Street, then turn left towards Suhaim Bin Hamad Street, then turn left towards Al Rayyan Road to reach Al Khaleej Interchange and continue towards their destinations.

As for those coming from Al Bida Street and wishing to turn right towards Al Rumaila Street, they will have to continue forward towards Al Bida Roundabout and then turn right towards Al Diwan Street and from there to the right Al Rayyan Road to reach Al Khaleej Intersection and continue towards their destinations.

The Public Works Authority will install signboards to alert road users to this closure, and it calls on all road users to adhere to the permitted speed limits and follow the signboards to preserve their safety.