Road and infrastructure development in the south of the hospital

Doha – Qena

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The Public Works Authority “Ashghal” has started the implementation of works on the road and infrastructure development project in the south of Al Mashaf (Package Seven), which is located northwest of the South Stadium and west of the southern part of Doha Expressway.

The cost of the project is about 422 million Qatari riyals, and it is one of the projects of the infrastructure development program for regions implemented by the Public Works Authority, and includes a number of development projects distributed over all regions of the country.

Ashghal has divided the project’s works into three geographical areas to be worked on in succession. It is planned that all of its works will be completed in the fourth quarter of 2022.

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Engineer Ali Ahmed Al-Ansari, the project’s engineer, explained that the seventh package of the Roads and Infrastructure Development Project in the South of the Hospital will serve 1,389 plots for citizens ’lands in the South Hospital area, and provide an integrated road network with a total length of 24.8 km to enhance traffic flow and provide connectivity with public facilities Which will be established in the region in the future, such as schools, mosques, malls and youth centers.

Engineer Al-Ansari pointed out that, through the project, traffic safety elements such as street lighting systems, signboards and road signs will be provided, in addition to providing 1690 parking spaces for cars, pedestrian and bicycle paths of 41 km, as well as developing sewage networks of 20 km and networks. Drainage of surface and ground water and rain water is 22.8 km long, and the treated water network is 8.5 km. New drainage pipes will also be extended and a new system will be constructed to distribute the flow of water in them and connect them to the main sewage network, in order to protect the entire area from flooding during the rainy season.

He emphasized that in the context of the Public Works Authority’s support for local manufacturers and the rehabilitation initiative launched by the authority in 2017, local materials and manufacturers will be relied on in most of the project’s work, bringing the local component to 85 percent of the total used materials. These materials are represented by elements such as gabbro, poles, lighting lamps, signboards, sewage pipes, rainwater drainage, asphalt, prefabricated manholes, in addition to concrete and reinforcing steel.