Batabit Qatar in cooperation with The Chiefs MCC and Al Adaam MCC organised an event to pay tribute to the 13-year old Qatari boy, Ghanim Al Muftah. Ghanim who was born with the Caudal Regression Syndrome aspires to become a paralympian in the future and live up to his name Ghamin, which in Arabic means winner. Ghanim is known for his courage and perseverance.

As many as 600 bikers from the GCC countries followed Ghanim on the Corniche Road to pay tribute to him. Bikers from across the GCC regions came together to salute the courage and determination of Ghanim. The rally’s starting point was Doha Marriott Hotel from where hundreds of bikers followed Ghanim along the scenic Corniche Road.

“It is heart-warming to see so many bikers to have turned up to pay tribute to this courageous unique boy, this is a one of a kind event and these things do not happen often”, said a participating Qatari biker.

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Ghanim is very popular in Qatar and has over a million followers on Instagram alone. It wasn’t surprising to see hundreds of residents from all walks to life to be gathered at one place to express their support and love for the local hero, Ghanim. Various NGOs were also present at the occasion, speakers at the closing of the event praised Ghanim for his determination and grit.

“Ghanim’s story had the power to inspire us all, particularly for people with disabilities. Ghanim is living example of what can be achieved with courage and perseverance”, a veteran biker said while praising Ghanim.

Ghanim has also featured in the ‘My Incredible Story’ as a youth ambassador that was launched by the Organising Committee to highlight the obstacles and challenges faced by differently abled individuals.

Ghanim in “My Incredible Story” says: “Through my Instagram account, where I have almost one million followers, I want to say that everyone has a right to dream and has ambitions that they can achieve. Social media is a window to the world.”

“It helps us get our message out there faster and we have to use it in a positive and useful way,” he added.

In addition to being an aspiring paralympian, Ghanim has already established himself as a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. Ghanim runs a charity, a sports club and has also opened an ice-cream shop. Ghanim was honoured at the ‘Arab Social Media Summit’ last year with a Youth Award for his immensely popular Instagram account.