Bolivia‘s interim President Jeanine Anez announced late on Friday that she will be a candidate in upcoming elections that will serve as a re-run of October’s disputed vote that sparked protests and prompted former leader Evo Morales to resign.

The former Senator assumed the presidency in November by invoking a constitutional clause that dictated she would be next in line to rule after Morales, vice president Alvaro Garcia Linera, and other lawmakers from his socialist party, resigned.


Anez, 52, a TV presenter and lawyer before shifting into politics, was one of the most vocal critics of Morales’ attempt to seek re-election for a fourth term. Her conservative caretaker government has shifted sharply away from his policies.

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Anez has previously said it would not be correct for her to run.

She told Reuters this month she was focused on unifying what has become a fragmented opposition to Morales, who while not running himself is directing his party’s campaign.

Morales, currently living in Argentina, resigned on November 10 after an audit by the Organization of American States found serious irregularities in the October vote.

Morales denies any wrongdoing and maintains he was ousted in a coup.

The leftist, who is barred from running himself in the May 3 election, has named his former economy minister Luis Arce Catacora as the candidate for his Movement to Socialism (MAS) party alongside former foreign minister David Choquehuanca.