LuLu Hypermarket has become the first in the region to allow customers to borrow shopping bags in an effort to cut down on plastic waste.
The scheme allows shoppers who have forgotten a shopping bag or purchased more than expected, to borrow a bag rather than purchase one.
The innovative scheme is one more strategy by LuLu Hypermarket to cut down the use of single use plastic bags.
LuLu Hypermarket will be introducing shopping bags made of sustainably sourced paper and home compostable bags made from potato starch.
This is in addition to the use of bio-degradable plastic bags that are already making a positive impact in reducing the use of plastic.
“We will be introducing the “refill “ option in some selected categories soon. LuLu want to offer a range of options to its shoppers to help them reduce plastic waste rather than imposing any one solution to its customers,” an official said.