Hussein Arqab

The “business times” website published a report in which he talked about the economic relations between Qatar and Singapore, stressing that Doha is among the best partners for Singapore in the Middle East, where the volume of trade exchange between the two countries in 2019 reached about 8.64 billion US dollars, indicating That the Qatari exports related to LNG constitute 80% of the total Qatari Singaporean commercial traffic.


While the remaining 20% ​​represents the rest of the goods supplied to Qatar from vegetables and fruits, stressing the parties’ endeavors to enhance bilateral cooperation in the coming period, through the great efforts made to raise the number of active companies in Doha and multiply the Qatari investments in Singapore, based on the statements of the Ambassador of Singapore to Doha, Mr. Jay Suhan.

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During his talk, Suhan stressed the great interest that Singaporean companies attach to the Qatari market, and their continuous endeavor to exploit opportunities and presence in Doha through various promising sectors, indicating the success of Qatari companies in proving their high efficiency through their participation in many Qatari projects over the past years, in which they have been present. Singaporean companies in many fields related to energy, electronic solutions and even environmental management, including water and waste, calling on Qatari companies to come closer to the Singaporean market and learn about the distinct opportunities it offers, especially the energy sector projects, given that the country may be a distinct base for investment and transformation To a regional center capable of contributing to the financing of Southeast Asian countries with a population density of 650 million people with LNG.

The report pointed to the great role that the Qatari Singaporean Business Council plays in the process of developing economic and trade relations between Qatar and Singapore in the coming stage, by trying to create a platform that brings together businessmen from both sides with a view to identifying the promising investments offered by Doha and Singapore, as well as opportunities The distinctive trade provided by the markets in both countries.


Stressing that the SME sector is one of the most important areas that Singaporean companies seek to participate in during the coming years, it is expected that many partnerships between Qatari and Singaporean businessmen will appear in this particular sector in the near future, especially since more than 100 Singaporean businessmen have previously visited Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry last year, in order to search for local partners to enable them to enter the Qatari market in the coming period.