The Indian embassy, together with Radiant Arts, a platform for Dawoodi Bohra artists, will inaugurate an Islamic calligraphy exhibition in Building 18 (Gallery 2) of Katara — the Cultural Village, at 7pm on July 18.
The exhibition, titled ‘Multaqa Al-Qulub Wal-Funun: A Gathering of Hearts & Crafts’, will be held as part of the Qatar-India 2019 Year of Culture.
The venue will be open to the public between July 18 and July 30, from 10am-10pm.
The event is intended to showcase the art of calligraphy as another aspect of cultural exchange between India and Qatar, the embassy has said in a statement.
Radiant Arts has been invited from India to co-ordinate this display of calligraphic works of art by seven artists: Samina Sachak, Mohamed Moiny, Moiz Nagpurwala, Aliasger Vaziri, Mazhar Nizar, Juzer Burhani and Burhanuddin Nagarwala.
The exhibition will display examples of how Arabic calligraphy is preserved and practised in India and how iconic symbols of Qatar like the dhow, falcon, oryx and horse are celebrated by artists.
It will also promote the beauty and diversity of Indian culture, especially those elements that bear affinity with or are part of Arab culture, the statement adds.
During the event, it is also planned to have live calligraphy sessions by the artists.
Anwaar al-Funun — Radiant Arts is a platform for art enthusiasts to publicly showcase their diverse talents.
Through collaborations, this platform strives to encourage a healthy dialogue of ideas and values through the universal language of art and to display the art work of Dawoodi Bohras across the globe.
Though relatively recently established in 2016, the platform has already hosted exhibitions featuring international artists in Nairobi in Kenya and Mumbai and Indore in India.