cancer causing soaps sold on social media in qatar

Doha: Soaps, which contain substances harmful for health, are sold through social media in the country.

Arabic daily Al Sharq quoted a Qatar resident saying that these soaps contain carcinogens and is not safe to use.

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This came to light when he contacted the Department of Pharmacy and Drug Control in Ministry of public Health to enquire about some missing soaps from a parcel send to his maid.

His maid received a parcel containing this particular brand of soap, but 10 pieces were missing from the packet. When checked with the concerned department they said that the 10 pieces were confiscated because of the presence of carcinogens, substance that can cause cancer and banned in most countries.

The citizen praised efforts by the Ministry of Public Health is detecting and taking affirmative action against such harmful products.

But at the same time he wondered how such a harmful product is freely available are available online through social media platforms and are delivered home by salesmen.

As this soap, which is brought in from Philippines, is used to lighten the skin and eliminate dark circles, it is very popular among women and he urged authorities concerned to stop the entry of this type of cosmetic products through ports and inform people about these harmful products.