The Community College of Qatar (CCQ) recently held a special ceremony to recognise the academic merits of 183 outstanding students on the Dean’s List and the Honor’s List for the 2019 Spring Semester. The event reflects CCQ’s ongoing pursuit of academic excellence and instils a positive intrinsic motivation that builds competence and contributes to enriching the College’s student-centred learning environment.
The ceremony was attended by CCQ president Dr Mohamed al-Naemi, vice-president Dr Khalid al-Abdulqader and the college’s deans for its various academic divisions – Sciences and Technology, Management Science and Liberal Arts.
Dr al-Abdulqader said: “Empowering students to excel throughout their educational journey and translate that into career success is at the heart of what we do at CCQ. One of the many ways we achieve this goal is by fostering a culture of excellence where every student who pushes their own personal frontiers is recognised and revered for such merit. For it is such dedication to mastery that carves the path to realising all ambitions.”
“To bring Qatar’s vision of a 21st-century knowledge-based society to fruition, we need a strong foundation of technically-oriented national competencies in IT, engineering technology, and sciences across the country’s industrial, commercial, and government sectors. Every qualified student we graduate in those disciplines helps build that foundation, and every outstanding student we honour brings us one step closer to that end,” CCQ’s dean for Sciences and Technology Dr Fatima al-Naemi explained.
Meanwhile, dean for Liberal Arts Dr Robert Ford noted: “Nothing brings more pride to a learner than knowing they are doing exceptionally well on their educational journey. Not only does it inspire them to go one extra mile after another to achieve excellence, it more importantly reassures them that when they arrive at their destination – be that the next chapter in their education or the next level in their career – they would do so with flying colours. Ultimately, this translates into a more empowered generation and a stronger nation.”
Students on the Dean’s List were awarded certificates of distinction for maintaining a Grade Point Average (GPA) between 3.60 and 4.00 for Spring 2019, while students on the Honour’s List were recognised for maintaining a GPA between 3.35 and 3.59 for the semester.
The distinguished group of students shared their experiences at CCQ, and what it means to them to be recognised for their hard work.
Rashid Mohamed Ahmed Bushawareb, currently enrolled in the Associate of Science in Engineering Technology programme, achieved a Spring Semester GPA of 3.85. He said: “This honouring ceremony is certainly a powerful motivator to keep going forward. Once you’re on the Dean’s or the Honour’s List, you will want to stay there.”
As for Khadija Karam, a student of the Bachelor of Public Administration programme who was honoured for achieving a GPA of 3.5, said she’s delighted to be recognised for all the effort she made in order to make it to the Honour’s List, affirming that this will only make her work harder to keep her cherished distinction.