Centro Capital Doha gets children cooking

Doha, Qatar; August 2016: Centro Capital Doha, the lifestyle affordable hotel in the heart of Doha invited children recently for a fun day of cooking at c.taste.

The objective of the event was to teach children fun cooking, give them an insight into the kitchen and the importance of healthy food.

“We launched a fun and innovative activity dedicated for children, teaching them the basics of cooking and giving them an experience to remember. This is an event that is aimed at giving children the chance to learn and have fun at the same time. During our first cooking class, we taught children the secrets of a successful homemade pizza and how to decorate cookies. ” said Michelle Akl, Marketing Executive of Centro Capital Doha.

Together with Centro’s talented chefs, children collected their ingredients and went off to the kitchen to prepare delicious dishes. They were also taught how to use basic kitchen tools safely, the importance of healthy cooking and most importantly being creative with food.

The little ones also got to take their masterpieces home to enjoy with their families with a few other surprise giveaways.

“It was a wonderful and exciting opportunity to teach children basic cooking and to engage with them. I personally started cooking at a very early stage and I am very happy to be able to introduce children to my everyday life and provide them with such an experience. Cooking is a great way for children to learn all sorts of crucial academic skills like reading, following directions, basic math, and using kitchen tools safely.” Said Chef Toufik, Executive Chef at Centro Capital Doha.