doha – East:

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60% of CEOs in the financial sectors affirmed their confidence in the growth of the local economy over the next three years. A KPMG report on CEOs ’outlook for 2020 concluded that leaders’ agendas have changed radically since the beginning of the year, with the acceleration of existing trends such as environmental and social factors, corporate governance factors, flexible work policies, and digital transformation. When looking at growth prospects over the next three years, 32 percent of CEOs show less confidence in the global economy today, compared to the beginning of the year. However, CEOs are more optimistic about the prospects for growth in their countries. 45% of CEOs in the world and 60% in Qatar feel confident, and renew their confidence in the resilience of their own businesses over the next three years.

It is encouraging to see that chief executives in Qatar are showing high levels of confidence in the country’s growth prospects. The State of Qatar has demonstrated its flexible approach and the extent of its preparedness and effectiveness of its response in the face of the pandemic, so we are not surprised by the optimism of the CEOs about the future despite the current difficulties.