The following conditions should be fulfilled to apply for changing the employer:

• The sponsored person shall have completed two years inside the country with the same sponsor.

• No Objection Certificate (NOC) from current sponsor to transfer the sponsorship to the new sponsor.

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• Approval of the new sponsor to transfer to his sponsorship.

• The current sponsor, the new sponsor and the employee shall sign the sponsorship transfer form. The signatures of present and new sponsors will be verified.


The following fees apply:

• Sponsorship change for the first time: QR 2000 for companies, QR 1000 for individuals.

• Sponsorship change for the second time: QR 2500 for companies, QR 1500 for individuals.

• Sponsorship change for the third time or more: QR 3000 for companies, QR 2000 for individuals.


1. Copy of the applicant’s passport with valid RP.

2. Copy of computer card for companies sponsorship.

3. Copy of I.D card for the present and new sponsor and also for employee(for oersibak sponsorship)

4. Copy of valid municipal license for the new sponsor.

5. Death certificate ( in case of death of ex-sponsor and Sharia procuration.

6. Police clearance certificate from relevant authorities.

7.  No objection certificate from current sponsor.


The whole process may take minimum 10 days to two weeks till you obtain the approval, and is not as you mentioned earlier, that once it’s filled from current employer to be sent to Immigration, NO, you should fill the whol info from all parties, then submit it once with all requirred documents.

Regarding your PCC, you should first had you PCC from your home country, attest from the MOFA in your place, then Qatar Embassy, and depend on this PCC you can apply for a PCC from Qatar, OR you can use your home country PCC, sometimes they accept it here in Qatar, if you did not stay for that long time over here.

Regarding your point about the designation, your designation will remain the same as per what it’s currently mentioned in your RP.