Five ways to donate your time (not money) to charitable efforts in Qatar

With Ramadan now officially in full swing in Qatar, many charities have been working overtime to help the less fortunate both inside and outside of the country.

To help support their efforts, local groups have turned to residents for monetary and in-kind donations.

But charities also depend a great deal on volunteers. With altruism at its peak in Ramadan, some may be wondering how to give more than just money to help the community.

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Here are five ways that both Qataris and expats can donate their time over the next few weeks:

Iftar delivery: Several charities have organized campaigns in which families in need and other groups of people are delivered iftar meals each day.

Iftar tents: Several local charities have also set up air-conditioned tents around Qatar to feed thousands of people free iftar meals.

Ramadan cannon: Each day during Ramadan, a canon goes off at the state mosque to signal the end of the fast.

Meals at traffic signals: As part of its “mobile iftar” program, QC is seeking volunteers to distribute meals and water on main streets and roundabouts during sunset prayers, to feed those who are still on the road when it’s time to break the fast.

Picking up leftovers: After all the eating is done, the Sheikh Eid Charity Association offers a pickup service to collect leftover food from homes, hotels, restaurants and other venues where there is enough remaining to feed 10 or more people.
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Source News: Doha News
Photo: Chantelle D’mello