Chinese ambassador to Qatar Zhou Jian has praised Qatar’s participation in the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition.
In a statement to the Qatar News Agency on the occasion of the closing activities of the exhibition, which ran for nearly six months, the ambassador noted the success achieved by the exhibition in general and the Qatari pavilion specifically with about 2mn visitors.
“The 2019 Beijing Horticulture Exhibition has been a great success,” he said, adding that the success of the Qatar pavilion has been even greater, the unique architectural design inspired by the Sidra tree and its hanging garden attracted many visitors. He pointed out that the Qatari efforts in the gardening exhibition have achieved successes at the diplomatic level as it was a window for people in China and the world to know about Qatar, and a platform for co-operation in horticulture between Qatar and the world.
“Qatar will host the International Horticultural Exhibition in Doha in 2021, which will give the world a brilliant picture of Qatar’s unique history, culture, natural environment and sustainable development,” he said.
He expected the event to be a huge success.
Meanwhile, the deputy head of Qatar’s pavilion Faiqa Ashkanani said that the expo contributed strongly to raising awareness about Qatar’s efforts in agriculture.