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A number of citizens emphasized spending their annual vacations in Doha, instead of traveling abroad under the current circumstances, indicating that Doha has become a global family tourist destination that has a well-established tourism infrastructure that allows families to spend the most beautiful times by enjoying the components of a tourism product characterized by diversity and sophistication, stressing in this context All components of the tourism sector have completed their equipment to receive domestic tourism, especially the hotel sector, with its various classifications, which have become competitive through prices and product quality to attract guests, noting that spending the vacation in the beautiful parts of Doha will stimulate domestic tourism and support the sales of all institutions related to the tourism industry, Stressing that all tourist service facilities are strictly committed to health requirements and activating all precautionary and preventive measures to achieve a safe and sound tourism experience.

Our facilities are ready to receive visitors and provide the best entertainment programs

. Mr. Ghanem Al-Muhannadi, a businessman, said, “Traveling at the present time is fraught with risks due to the spread of the new Corona epidemic,” Covid 19, indicating that Doha provides all the family’s entertainment needs from new resorts such as Salwa Resort in addition to tourism products. Others that provide a wonderful atmosphere of luxury coupled with health and preventive measures.

Al-Muhannadi said, “The local tourism sector is replete with distinctive activities and monuments that allow enjoyment and beautiful entertainment for families, noting that tourism facilities have won many international awards for their services that exceed their global counterparts, which makes them ready to receive domestic tourism and provide the best entertainment programs for them.
” “The decision to travel abroad should not be rushed in light of the current circumstances in which the emerging Corona epidemic is spreading, stressing the importance of staying in Doha to spend the annual vacation that has unique tourism ingredients that include resorts and hotels of various classifications, categories and beaches that extend over long distances in addition to safari and other trips One of the places that allows them to enjoy and spend the best times.

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Al-Muhannadi said, “The hotel sector is one of the vital sectors that have completed its preparations to receive guests at competitive, encouraging and affordable prices for visitors, indicating that the hotel sector is in the context of providing a sound and safe residence experience that stresses the application of precautionary and preventive health measures, explaining that these measures stimulate domestic tourism to begin to Their reservations.

Al-Emadi: The tourism sector is the first beneficiary of the decline in travel abroad

. Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Emadi, the tourism expert, said, “I do not recommend traveling abroad to spend the annual vacation at the present time, due to the health instability in many global tourist destinations that suffer from the spread of the Corona virus emerging as a beneficiary 19. Consequently, staying in Doha is the best at the present time, as the external tourism data will not be of the same standards of entertainment and enjoyment, given the restrictions imposed on it, indicating that local tourism facilities are the first beneficiaries of the decline in travel abroad due to the high demand for it from local tourism, especially the hotel sector. Which is witnessing an unprecedented recovery, which led many hotels to enhance their promotional and marketing programs to attract guests and exclusivity with a large share.

Al-Emadi stresses the importance of achieving a number of strategic ideas and visions that serve the internal tourism sector as a whole, the most prominent of which is continuous communication with the local market to introduce him to the quality of the product, which is comparable to his superiority in his global counterpart, indicating that continuous communication with local tourism motivates it to stay in Doha and thus activate service facilities Related to tourism, stressing the need for tourism facilities programs to take into account the activation of new and various products such as cruises, sightseeing trips, safari trips, visiting different shopping center, Museum of Islamic Art, Cultural District “Katara” and The Pearl Qatar.

Al-Emadi stressed that Doha is one of the destinations and destinations that provide local tourism opportunities for high-end enjoyment due to its multiple and diverse tourist attractions in addition to the quality services provided by all tourist destinations, which makes Doha an important number on the global tourism map, stressing that these multiple advantages The landmarks of Doha will encourage and stimulate local tourism to stay in Doha and enjoy its distinguished services.

Our tourism product meets all health requirements

. Mr. Khaled Al-Khalaf said, “I love spending the annual vacation in the beautiful parts of Doha instead of traveling abroad in light of the current difficult circumstances that the whole world is living because of the spread of the emerging virus as a benefit 19 indicating that Doha has all the tourist ingredients That achieve enjoyment for all family members of all age groups, pointing out that the tourism institutions operating in the market provide a service product that meets all health requirements and precautions, which makes the tourism experience safer and more safe.

“The city of Doha has become an icon of the global tourist destinations that visitors from all over the world enjoy due to its enjoyment of diverse and unique tourist attractions, according to the quality of its product, it received many awards and honors honors from international institutions concerned with evaluating the operational work of the global tourism sector,” he said, stressing that domestic tourism is one of Citizens and residents will spend the happiest times in the tourist attractions of Doha, especially the hotel sector, which provides product components that are consistent with international hospitality standards, with a focus and emphasis on the application of all preventive measures to provide a sound and safe residence experience.
Al-Khalaf said, “Domestic tourism and in the context of spending its vacation in Doha can enjoy With the heritage data of the Souq Waqif, with its striking features in the depths of history, which made it a prominent landmark for visitors from different countries of the world, in addition to interesting safari trips that appeal to tourists as well as visiting the cultural district.Katara

Doha is one of the most important international tourist destinations.

Mr. Hassan Ahmed Ali of the Tourist Travel Agency said, “Doha is one of the most important international tourist destinations that allow its visitors and domestic tourism to enjoy a modern product consisting of multiple tourist attractions, indicating that spending the annual vacation in Doha would stimulate Domestic tourism and the promotion of operational work for all service facilities related to the tourism sector, especially the hotel sector, which provides a range of modern services consistent with data and precautionary health measures with a view to achieving safe and sound residency.

Hassan Ahmed said, “Foreign tourism is currently becoming unsafe for health, due to the spread of the new Corona virus as a benefit 19, explaining that Doha, which is the icon of global tourist destinations and destinations, provides distinct, safe and healthy tourism data, so enjoying internal tourism through its many distinct features and components is the best pointing That all local tourist attractions have outperformed their global counterparts and won a series of awards and honors from the international institutions concerned with assessing the performance of international tourism institutions, indicating in this context that Doha has beaches that span long areas and luxury hotels of various classifications in addition to high-end resorts and shopping centers The variety that offers modern products inspired by the latest international fashion houses, as well as museums, the Souq Waqif and the Katara cultural district.