This Law does not apply to judges or their assistants, public prosecutors or their assistants, Emiri Diwan employees, diplomatic or consulate corps’ employees, university teaching staff, Qatar Petroleum employees, Qatar Investment Authority employees, or State Audit Bureau employees.

The Law provides detailed information about everything from budgets to job creation, job descriptions, grading criteria, recruitment processes, as well as appointment and approval procedures.

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Appointment and Probationary Period
As per the provisions of the Law, the priority is given to Qatari citizens in appointments for government and public sector jobs. If a Qatari national is not available for a specific position, the order for consideration of non-Qatari employees is as follows: children of Qatari women married to non-Qataris, non-Qataris married to Qatari nationals, Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) nationals, Arab expatriates and other nationalities.

The person appointed to a position shall satisfy the following conditions: employees must be at least 18 years of age, satisfy the qualifications and conditions required for the position, pass the tests, competitions and qualification programs prescribed by the government entity, and be medically fit to perform the functions of the offered position. Moreover, the employee should have a good conduct and reputation, has never been sentenced by a final judgment to prison for a crime involving moral turpitude and breach of trust, unless otherwise he/she has been rehabilitated, and has never been dismissed from the job by a final ruling or disciplinary decision, unless one year has lapsed since then.

The employee who is appointed for the first time shall be subject to a probation period of three months renewable for a similar period, starting from the effective date of recruitment. During this period, an evaluation report on the performance of the employee shall be prepared by the director of the concerned department and approved by the Chief Executive Officer.

If the employee’s performance fails to meet expectations, his/her service shall be terminated, and the employee will be notified of this decision and will not be entitled to the end of service allowance for the probation period.

Where an employee has successfully passed the probation period, or in case the probation period has ended without informing the employee of his termination, he/she will be admitted in the position and the probationary period shall be counted in the service.