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CNN correspondent in the White House, Jim Acosta, said that US President Donald Trump’s campaign began talking about the possibility of losing the 2020 elections and discussing the possibility of his candidacy in the 2024 presidential elections.

According to Bloomberg, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is close to reaching the magic number (270 electoral college votes) to reach the White House, while the current Republican President Donald Trump is narrowing for re-election, according to a Bloomberg report.

Biden needs to win in one state from: Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, or North Carolina. As for Trump, who is seeking a recount in Wisconsin, filing lawsuits in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia and complaining about the counting procedures in different states, he has no alternative but to win four States at least, the most important of which is Pennsylvania, which experts consider Trump’s last hope. Without it, he would not enter the White House even if he won “Nevada”, which always votes for the Democrats.