Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Ministry of Commerce and Industry


The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced the launch of an initiative to regulate the activities of electronic auctions, by creating an activity (electronic auctions), with the aim of organising the commercial process and monitoring money transfer and circulation for this purpose.
The ministry said in a statement that this initiative comes within the framework of its role in supervision, control, and regulation of commercial activities and taking the necessary measures to protect the consumer in terms of his right to obtain high-quality products, to combat commercial fraud and to protect competition, as well as to ensure speed in implementing procedures and to achieve the principle of integrity and transparency in everything related to auctions.
The ministry pointed to conditions and controls necessary for practising electronic auction activities, which include submitting an application to set up an electronic auction at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry building located in Lusail City (second floor — Commercial Registration and Licenses Department), accompanied by a list of goods that will be offered during the auction to be held.
The statement clarified the obligations of the license holder in the event of obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to hold the auction, including providing the Ministry with a list of goods that will be offered in the auction, and announcing the location of the goods offered in the auction no less than 24 hours before its organisation, provided that the location is a public place (hotel — public hall — commercial store — office…
The obligations also include the prohibition of payment through cash directly, and the permission for payments by using ATM cards and bank transfers, with the need to adhere to consumer protection requirements, and to provide the ministry with a list of sold goods, selling prices and buyers’ data after the end of the auction.
The Ministry of Commerce and Industry called for adherence to the regulations, decisions and laws governing the conduct of various commercial activities, and to report any violations of commercial registration and licenses through the call centre: 16001 or the ministry’s accounts on social media Twitter MOCIQATAR and Instagram MOCIQATAR.