A tour of the East revealed a number of markets and commercial complexes that opened its doors yesterday within the second phase to lift the restrictions imposed on facing the Corona virus, the extent to which these markets are ready for this stage and their commitment to implementing the precautionary requirements and measures announced by the competent authorities in the decision of gradual opening up.

Mr. Mubarak Rashid Al Suhooti, ​​Executive Director of Commercial Relations at Hassad Company, in a special statement to Al Sharq on the sidelines of the tour in Al Sailiya Market, revealed an integrated plan that is being implemented to complete the market by adding the fish market, the meat market, the food supplies and the hypermarket soon, as part of the great efforts undertaken by The company’s management in order to promote the promotion of commercial work in support of the national economy. Al-Sahouti expressed satisfaction with the atmosphere in which the first day of openness was passed, which reflected everyone’s commitment to health measures, praising the great efforts made by the state represented in the competent authorities to protect the health of consumers and workers in the markets.

The Executive Director of Commercial Relations at Harvest said that opening markets and shops, especially the Sailiya market, will have a significant impact in supporting the economy and trade, the recovery of markets and the multiplication of purchasing power, as the state is indispensable to markets and supplies, the movement of goods and purchases, the higher the frequency, the more it emphasizes the strength of the economy And its growth. And “Al Sharq” monitored everyone’s commitment within the market to the procedures taken by the markets company to manage food establishments, one of the harvest companies, from cleaning the entire market and sterilizing it to prevent the spread of the virus in the central market, and held introductory sessions with all merchants and suppliers to organize the workflow and ensure that all workers follow procedures Health and safety to ensure their safety, as well as posters were created for the public in various languages ​​regarding the implementation of Ahtaz, in addition to a number of safety instructions.

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On their part, many restaurant owners expressed their satisfaction with the conditions during which commitment to the decision to operate restaurants located at the level of tourist areas in the state is being observed, noting that this step came in a timely manner after the great damage that affected restaurant owners during the past months in which they closed their doors to consumers, Among the decisions taken by the government to limit the spread of the new Corona virus, it was shown that the opening of restaurants will contribute to the revival of this sector and other sectors. While the gold market witnessed in the first days of the launch of the second phase, an acceptable demand for precious metal shops, as many commercial operations were recorded, from buying and selling, with expectations of doubling the demand for the market in the coming days.