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Hussein Arkab

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A number of consumers confirmed the abundance of all varieties of vegetables and fruits in the central market in Sailiya, referring this to the success of the Aswaq Company, which is owned by Hasad Food Company in organizing it, and giving everyone the right to appear in the market, whether it is related to traders of local vegetables or fruits, or others interested in promoting products Imported or coming from different countries of the world, noting that this created a distinct mixture that enabled them to reach all the agricultural crops they wanted, despite the difficult conditions that the world is going through at the present time, due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus in most countries of the world, praising With the efforts made by the market administration in the process of fighting the Covid 19 epidemic, by following all the precautionary measures announced by the Ministry of Public Health, as well as the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management, which increased the level of customer satisfaction, given the low probability of contracting the virus in the market, in light of the commitment Everyone has all prescribed measures.

While some of them saw that the central market of Sailiya, despite the abundant supply of vegetables and fruits in it, is witnessing a rise in prices compared to what was the case in the past months, when the value of agricultural crops was much less than it is now, calling on the Ministry of Trade And the industry is to intensify monitoring within the market, with the aim of ensuring the provision of goods to consumers at the best prices, without harming the interest of merchants who deserve without any doubt their share of the profits.

An abundance of vegetables

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Speaking to the East, Mr. Muhammad Hussein Al-Khuzai stressed the provision of the Central Market of Sailiya for vegetables for all varieties of agricultural crops, in a manner that ensures that everyone’s needs are met without recording any shortage, referring the credit to the Aswaq Company responsible for managing the new markets, through its tireless work on Giving everyone the opportunity to put their goods on the market, whether it is related to merchants of imported goods, or others interested in promoting local goods, which created a wonderful mix of exhibits and options, which enabled all customers to access all the high-quality vegetables and fruits they need, without No suffering.
Al-Khuzaie added, saying that the crisis created by the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic did not affect the stability of the market, which witnessed a distinct integration between local products, and its imported counterpart that did not cut off from the market for two main reasons. For many months, in addition to the cargo flights that Qatar Airways has undertaken and is still carrying out, in order to ensure the continuity of the supply of vegetables and fruits in an adequate manner, an increase in the quantities of local products offered in the central market of Sailiya, given the approaching end of the summer season and the beginning of the season of climate moderation that increases It has the capacity of local farms, especially the ordinary ones and not dependent on technology in their production processes.

In the same context, Mr. Mohammed Al-Ghanim praised the high efficiency of the central market for vegetables and fruits in Sailiya, in terms of providing agricultural crops with the required quantities and quality, which made it the first destination for customers since its official launch, stressing that the market was not affected by the crisis that the world is going through at the present time. Because of the outbreak of the new Corona virus, saying that with the beginning of the spread of the epidemic, a shortage in the market was expected, as happened in many countries of the world, but this did not happen completely, thanks to the ability of those in charge of trade in the country to maintain the chain of financing for the market, whether related With products coming from a group of countries, foremost among which is Turkey and Iran, in addition to Morocco, Lebanon and India, or from many national farms that have excelled in performing their task of financing the market over the past months, indicating in the end that the problems that the world is experiencing came to confirm the experience that It is now enjoyed by the government in its managementSuch difficult stages, given our reliance on long-term financing bridges.

Fighting the epidemic

For his part, Mr. Fahad Al-Ali praised the tight organization of Umm Salal Central Market in its new look, which cannot be compared with the old market in Abu Hamour region, as the current market allows its visitors to move from one point to another in complete comfort, while providing vehicles that enable them to acquire the required quantities of vegetables And fruits and transporting them from the inside to the outside in an easy way, without forgetting the efforts made by the responsible authorities to modernize the market, which has become fully air-conditioned, and work has been done in this market to increase working hours in a way that gives consumers the ability to visit the market all hours of the day after it was Previously, it only works in the morning period.

Regarding the market’s conformity with the precautionary measures to limit the spread of the new Corona virus, Al-Ali stated that those in charge of this commercial space have succeeded in arranging all matters, and since its launch, is following all the measures approved by the Ministry of Health as well as the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management, in order to reduce the spread of this epidemic, as Visitors to the market are obligated to show the application of precaution to ensure the color of their health code, while forcing them to wear masks, as well as measuring their temperature before entering and starting the shopping process, so that the turn comes after that for the merchants who have applied all the previous procedures, with the need to provide them with sterilizers in the store To allow the customer to be sterilized after contact, which is difficult in such cases, due to the adoption of the principle of social distancing.

Rising prices

In turn, Mr. Adel Al-Marri said that the only point that must be worked out in the central market for vegetables and fruits in Sailiya is the high prices during the recent period compared to what the situation was in the past or rather before the onset of the Covid 19 epidemic, revealing that prices today do not differ between centers The commercial and central market, which means that moving to Sailiya may not yield any benefits to the consumer, citing the example of the price of some vegetables and fruits in the market that do not differ from their value at retail points, starting with potatoes and onions that were sold for 2 riyals, and tomatoes and cucumbers for 3 Riyals, while zucchini at 4 riyals, while apples and bananas at 5 riyals per kilogram.

Al-Marri called on the Ministry of Trade and Industry to intensify its monitoring sessions within the market, with the aim of providing goods to consumers at the best prices, with a focus on not harming the interest of merchants who undoubtedly deserve their share of the profits, expecting water to return to its course and price stability during the coming period in a manner that serves capacity Purchasing for all consumers, regardless of their monthly income, especially since we have reached the fourth stage of the gradual opening-up plan prepared by the government to end the crisis created by the spread of the new Corona virus