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A number of consumers said there was no justification for price variation at some retail points. Many consumers emphasized in interviews with the East the abundance of products in all local markets, despite the increasing demand for commodities of all kinds and fields, referring this to the great efforts made by the government in order to meet customers’ demands, even in light of the crisis that the world is going through at the present time. Due to the spread of the new Corona virus, which paralyzed aviation traffic, however, the great capabilities available to the government allowed it to continue air freight operations normally, while supporting it with the large strategic stocks that we have, as well as the large quantities of commodities that the national farms and factories now make sure to provide. For the domestic market continuously.

And some of them said that the local market, which did not suffer at the height of the crisis created by the spread of the new Corona virus, is a shortage of products, witnessing a variation in the prices of goods between one point of sale and another, as they are sold in commercial centers at different prices. The gap in electrical appliances widens, calling on the concerned authorities to tighten control and impose heavy penalties on overpriced commercial centers, proposing to involve consumers in the control process in light of the difficulty of the consumer protection task that is unable to monitor all sales outlets in the country.

Abundance of products and
in terms of the East, Mr. Jaber Al-Marri emphasized the abundance of all products in the local markets, despite the increasing demand for commodities in the current stage, which constitutes the beginning of a new season, saying that no one can go to any of the retail points, i.e. their field of work without Exit from it carrying all the needs that he is looking for, and with the required quality through what merchants offer of large quantities of various goods, referring to the great efforts made by the government in the recent period which witnessed the world going through a major crisis created by the spread of the new Corona virus, which led to paralysis of trips However, the capabilities possessed by Doha allowed it to continue cargo operations through Qatar Airways aircraft, in order to finance the domestic market with all its needs.

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Al-Morayb added that the local market does not suffer from any shortage of products despite the Covid-19 crisis, not due to the continuity of shipping operations and only, but rather to the large strategic stock that we have thanks to the distinctive strategy drawn by the government, as well as the clear development of the national factories and farms that have become a major contributor. In supplying the domestic market, equally with its counterpart imported and coming from different countries of the world.

Commodity pricing variance
For his part, Mr. Ahmed Al-Haddad said that the local market, which did not suffer from any shortages in the last stage that was characterized by the spread of the new Corona virus in many countries of the world …He witnesses a clear discrepancy in the prices of products between the various commercial centers and at all levels, especially with regard to electrical devices that reach a margin of differences between them exceeding 100 riyals in the same type, based on what happened to him in one of his previous experiences in which he bought electrical appliances at a price to find them Later less than that at other points of sale, it is unlikely that the rental price of the shops is the main reason for the increase in prices, and if it were dishonesty, we would have seen a difference in the value of some major brands that rent branches for them in the most prestigious commercial centers in the country, and operate at the same time in Ordinary areas and their goods are offered with the same commercial value, adding to this that some trade associations raise their prices without improving even the quality of services they provide to consumers, and without any prior warning, the permanent visitor to the commercial associations is surprised by the difference in prices between one shopping and another.

Tighter control
On the other hand, Mr. Ghazi Al-Kuwari stated that there is a clear discrepancy in prices in commercial centers, referring to the inability of the concerned authorities to cover all shops and commercial centers in Qatar due to the large number of them, so an end must be put to this problem that has become a problem for consumers, by working to intensify the monitoring sessions In the markets, commercial centers, and to ensure that prices are fixed and standardized at various retail points in the countries, and not to leave room for an increase in the price of products through excuses that may be provided by merchants, the merchant always seeks to achieve profits regardless of the method that enables him to do so, demanding the authorities The concerned party seeks to involve customers in the process of monitoring the markets, by enabling them to access their complaints to the Consumer Protection Department in more easy and flexible ways, such as allowing them to photograph prices and send them to this entity, which subsequently shall impose maximum penalties on the relevant commercial center for violating the price list. The Ministry is responsible for preparing ittrade and Industry.