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The Supreme Committee for Crisis Management affirmed that it will continue to work in the fourth phase and its recently announced absorptive capacity ratios, while reviewing the indicators from the concerned state authorities periodically, noting that although the indications are that the virus is contained and its spread is limited in the State of Qatar, This does not mean the epidemic has subsided and vanished.

The Supreme Committee for Crisis Management – in a statement published on the Government Communication Office website today, Thursday – said that it approved a three-stage plan to re-impose some restrictions in the event that the Ministry of Public Health recommends this based on its continuous follow-up to the aforementioned indicators.

And she noted – in this context – that the main factor in limiting the spread of the virus is community awareness and its application of precautionary measures, especially in places of gatherings and social events, as it has recently been proven that social mixing has become the most important factor in the spread of Covid-19 in the State of Qatar.

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The committee said – in its statement – that the global spread of the epidemic is still on the rise, and therefore this requires the enforcement of the mandatory quarantine policy for all returnees to the State of Qatar until further notice, with the Ministry of Public Health continuing to update the list of low-risk countries.

According to the committee’s statement, the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic globally and in the State of Qatar necessitated the need to take a package of measures at a number of levels to protect the public health of citizens and residents and limit the spread of the epidemic, and the State of Qatar was able to overcome the peak and flatten the curve, while maintaining one of the lowest death rates in the world. Thanks to God Almighty, the strength of its health system, the effectiveness of the measures imposed by the state, the cooperation of citizens and residents, and their application of precautionary measures.

The statement added: After surpassing the climax, it has become necessary to find the required balance formula between preserving public health and returning life to its normal course, which has been, praise be to God, in the four stages of the gradual and tight lifting of restrictions.

In the conclusion of its statement, the committee called on citizens and residents to abide by the implementation of precautionary measures, including wearing masks, social distancing and cleansing hands, asking God to protect Qatar and its people from all evil.

It is noteworthy that a number of countries in the world have already entered the second wave of the spread of the virus, which means that this matter is not excluded from the occurrence of society in the event of slackness and negligence in the application of precautionary measures.