Badruddin Malik:

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Qatar Airways has revealed that it will operate three flights a week to Entebbe and a daily trip to Los Angeles, inviting its customers to visit Los Angeles and enjoy the many activities in this wonderful city from various food options to picnicking on the most beautiful beaches and the carrier said, “Month after month we are rebuilding Our global network of destinations and restoring travelers’ confidence to travel safely, as Qatar Airways today leads the global aviation sector in terms of travel options and diversity. “Our diverse fleet of modern, fuel-efficient aircraft contributes to the increase in the number of destinations, more flexibility in the flight schedule and an increase in travel options,” the airline said. “Passenger safety is of the highest priority. The character on board the plane, which includes a mask, gloves and a hand sanitizer. “

Qatar Airways continues to operate its flights to a diverse network of destinations around the world, which prompted travelers to trust and rely on the carrier, and Qatar Airways was able to stay informed of the latest international procedures applied at airports while applying the latest safety and safety measures, cleaning and sterilization, whether on board its flights or at its headquarters Operations Hamad International Airport, which was recently awarded the Best Airport in the Middle East for the sixth consecutive year.