DUBAI – The Court of First Instance has sentenced a man to five years in jail for giving prohibited drugs to his girlfriend who died after she overdose on them.

Aside from the prison sentence, the court also fined the man Dh20,000 for providing drugs to the woman, for using illegal substance, and for possession of Pregabalin, a prohibited drug.

Court records said the jobless man and his girlfriend stayed in the man’s car for two days sometime in August last year and the man gave drugs to the woman.

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His girlfriend however overdosed on the drugs given her and died. The man drove to a nearby private hospital, parked his car at the entrance, and left the body of his girlfriend inside the vehicle.

“Surveillance cameras revealed that the accused had stopped his vehicle in front of the hospital’s entrance, dropped her off and then drove away. Doctors confirmed that the woman died of drug overdose as she had needle marks on her arm. The accused was apprehended near his house. During questioning, he claimed that they had spent two days in his car driving around Dubai and that they did not have money to stay in a hotel. He said she had a medical prescription and used the drugs but when she fainted he drove her to the hospital,” a police investigator told the court.

The man denied giving drugs to his girlfriend and being responsible for her death but records showed that he provided drugs to the woman and that he used prohibited substances also.

The court’s ruling can file an appeal of the court’s verdict within 15 days.