DOHA: The number of lawsuits heard by the courts in Qatar totalled 96,664 in 2015, according to the Annual Statistical Statement of Judicial Supreme Council.

Courts disposed of 80,933 of the total cases, showing that the dispensation of justice was quicker.

The courts settled more cases last year compared to previous year. They heard 7,563 more cases and issued verdicts in 7,735 more cases last year compared to 2014.

H E Masoud Mohamed Al Amiri, President, Judicial Supreme Council, adopted the Annual Statistical Statement on the cases filed in the courts in all levels over the past year, Qatar News Agency reports.

Of the total cases received, the courts ruled in 84 percent of the cases in 2015 while in 2014, verdicts were issued in 82 percent of cases.

Yusuf Al Zaman, a prominent lawyer, told The Peninsula that the rise in the number of settled cases is because of government measures to speed up court procedures such as appointments of more judges and the setting up of separate tribunals for settling a growing number of disputes.

The maximum number of cases settled (99 percent) during 2015 were related to disputes involving bounced cheques.

The government has set up separate tribunals to dispose of the cases relating to dud cheques. These tribunals collectively have capacity to hear more than 200 cases a session, said Al Zaman. The setting up of tribunals have reduced the time taken in settling disputes.

The total number of criminal cases taken to the courts in 2015 were 58,043 of which 54,492 were settled, reflecting 94 percent of the cases.

The total number of civil cases referred to the courts were 22,461 of which 15,085 were settled, showing 67 percent settlement.

The disposal of cases related to the environment and traffic increased to 96 percent each.

The total number of labour lawsuits were 8,995 in 2015, of which verdicts were issued in 6,123 cases, showing a settlement rate of 68 percent.

Cases of family disputes, including inheritance and minors, totalled 6,224 of which 4,583 were settled, reflecting a settlement rate of 74 percent.

The statement showed that 21,391 cases were filed in the courts during July, August and September 2015 — an increase by 1,483 cases from the same period in 2014. Al Amiri praised efforts being exerted by the magistrates and their assistants and urged them to commit to achieving prompt and efficient resolutions.