* Airline has said RT-PCR tests results will be accepted from any ICMR-approved testing centre in India

Starting Thursday, Qatar Airways requires passengers traveling from specific airports to present a negative Covid-19 RT-PCR medical test result when checking in.
This is aimed at ensuring the safety of all passengers, the airline has stressed.
In the current Qatar Airways network, these countries are Bangladesh, Brazil, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka.
Tests will also be required for passengers traveling with Qatar Airways from the following countries when its services resume: Armenia, India, Nepal, Nigeria and Russia.
Tests must be issued within 72 hours before departure, from laboratories that are approved by Qatar Airways, and paid for at the passenger’s expense. One has to visit this link for a full list of applicable airports and laboratories that are approved by Qatar Airways.
Those who do not have a copy of their medical test certificate alongside a consent form will not be permitted to travel on Qatar Airways flights. Children below the age of 12 years are exempt from this test if accompanied by family members who have presented a negative test result.
The consent form is available here.
Meanwhile, the airline has said RT-PCR tests results will be accepted from any of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)-approved testing centres in India. One has to visit the ICMR website and select the ‘LIST OF COVID-19 TESTING GOVT & PVT LABS’ link to review latest approved labs.
As of last evening, the website said there were a total of 733 labs for real-time RT-PCR for Covid-19 across the country.
Qatar Airways has further enhanced its onboard safety measures for passengers and cabin crew. The airline has introduced Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for cabin crew, which includes gloves, face masks, safety glasses and a new protective gown that is fitted over their uniforms. A modified service that reduces interactions between passengers and the crew inflight has also been introduced.
Onboard, all Qatar Airways passengers are now provided with a complimentary protective kit. Inside a ziplock pouch they will find a single-use surgical face mask, large disposable powder-free gloves and an alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel. The airline has also introduced disposable face shields for adults and children. Passengers travelling from Hamad International Airport will receive their face shields at the check-in counters, whereas at other destinations, the face shields will be distributed at the boarding gates.