“The invasion of Qatar and everything ends until reconciliation with Israel.” Thus, Dahi Khalfan tweeted, revealing the true reason behind the decision of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt to besiege Qatar, which is the prelude to the invasion of Doha, which remains a stumbling block to the projects of the blockading countries in the region, which comes on top of liquidation The Palestinian cause and reconciliation with Israel.

Just as the followers of Dubai Deputy Chief of Police, “Conan Al Khaleej”, are accustomed to the fall and uncovering the true goals of the siege of Qatar, Dahi Khalfan admitted on his Twitter account that the intention to invade and threaten Qatar is still a present idea in the blockading countries even after Qatar thwarted it by a popular rally around its leadership.

Khalfan had revealed only 4 months after the siege of Qatar, that the blockading countries triggered the crisis with Qatar, to withdraw the World Cup 2022 from them, and Khalfan said in a tweet through his documented account on the website “Twitter”: “If the World Cup goes on Qatar, the Qatar crisis will leave … Because the crisis was contrived in order to loose it.

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Khalfan’s new tweet commemorates the 3-year anniversary of the siege, to reveal more about the intentions of the siege from the invasion of Qatar to achieving reconciliation with the Israeli occupation and the liquidation of the Palestinian issue, and of course, through seizing the capabilities of the Qatari people and the peoples of the region and supporting counter-revolutions and thus ending all problems, he said.

“An Arab invasion of Qatar ends many problems … They handed over the ruling to those who deserved it in Qatar … and concluded a reconciliation with Israel … and everything is over,” Dahi Khalfan said in a tweet on his Twitter account.




Tweets of treachery: I will go to Israel and I will not go to Qatar
and follow the tweet of treachery and delirium by the invasion, other tweets in the context of selling the Palestinian right, Khalfan said in it: “I announce it with comprehensive and lasting peace with Israel .. If peace happens with Israel and then reconciliation with Qatar .. I will go Israel and I will not visit Qatar if they say the Kaaba in it “.. to clearly announce its Zion and the preference of the occupation entity for a Gulf country supposedly brother.

He added: “I do not see any reconciliation in the region with Israel from the Gulf.” Khalfan asked: “Why are we competing with the Jews in the Gulf? Some of them are scoring. ”He also said:“ Try a peace agreement with Israel … and see. If you hear a mention of a country called Qatar. ”

Dahi Khalfan defended the occupation, just as the Zionists themselves did not, by saying: “Originally, the non-recognition of Israel is a pointless need … Israel is a country based on knowledge, prosperity and close ties with all the countries of the developed world … Who are you who do not recognize a state in the position of Israel The scientific … Are the Jews originally from Hawaii? … He added: “Live with the Jews as neighbors … and as cousins ​​… and leave the antics that you do not lead …..”

Israeli celebration, Arab anger, and
in front of the tweets of treachery and disgrace with which Khalfan tweeted, Media officials celebrated the Zionist entity with those tweets, while it received widespread Arab anger 

Zionist journalist Sharon Gal praised the tweets of Dahi Khalfan, which defend Israel’s right to exist, and considered it tacit support for the annexation scheme.

But the activists attacked Khalfan because of these tweets, which they considered an explicit call for normalization and an attempt to tarnish the image of the Palestinians.

And one of the tweeters said: “It is very natural for you … The UAE is the spoiled child of Israel.” And another user added: “whose warplanes are hitting the Palestinians with treachery with Israel, sure to show any harm in reconciliation with them!”

One activist addressed Khalfan, saying: “Let the Israelis rule Dubai, and I guarantee that Sheikh Avichai will provide you with better sermons in the Zayed Mosque, better than the preaching of Wassim Youssef.”
Another activist added: “You have to resort to the Jews. You have no place in the Arab countries, the remnants of your smoke will fade from our country. Starting from Libya and ending with Yemen. You have no place, O Jews except Israel.”