Dilim, Turki, Nasa, and Al-Asiri, who is in his entourage, will be destined for Bin Salman

Doha – East

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We hear the Friday sermon in many Gulf and Islamic countries asking God the righteous liner for the ruler or the responsible, for it is of course a great blessing for God to provide for the ruler of the people’s affairs, a lining that helps him to do good and guides him to what is in the good of the country and the people and advises him and takes it if it sees him straying even slightly from righteousness .

 But to put in your hands Saud Al-Qahtani, known as “Delim”, as an advisor who thinks for you and manages sensitive files such as the media and foreign opposition and your relationship with your neighbors, or Turki Al-Sheikh “and Nasa” at the head of sports and entertainment and the official of sheela and acrobatic movements, as well as Al-Asiri who carried out the stupidest assassination in history against His compatriot, Jamal Khashoggi, inside his country’s consulate .. by doing so, you launch a “missile” at your toes, and you will enter history as the first Gulf Crown Prince to be summoned before the courts, not to mention your reputation and your country’s reputation that has been tarnished before the world.

Today, Washington Federal Court issued subpoena orders against Bin Salman and 13 other people, to answer Saad Al-Jabri’s accusations against them of trying to assassinate him.

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In fact, Saudi Arabia was not like this in previous periods, or at least it was managing its files or accounts with some sophistication behind closed doors. The one who looked at the state of the Kingdom before Muhammad bin Salman took over the reins of affairs during his father’s era would see a large aura or if you want it to be called “sanctity of some kind.” What “surrounds the system of government, starting with the royal court, passing through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and ending with officials in other ministries.

But since Mohammed bin Salman appeared in the picture and released the hand of these three in matters of governance internally and externally, the kingdom entered into a series of setbacks and failures that made it lose its prestige – and some might say that it showed it for the truth it was hiding under the clothes in official meetings – starting with the Yemen war He hit the depths of the kingdom with Houthi missiles, passing through the disaster of the blockade of Qatar, the assassination of Khashoggi and the detention of Saad Al-Hariri, the series of arrests, the scandal of buying billions and yachts, leading to the attempt to assassinate Saad Al-Jabri in Canada … and what is hidden is greater.

But these three (Al-Qahtani, the Sheikh family, and Al-Asiri) cannot be charged the largest side in the triangle of the kingdom’s decline, as the personality of Mohammed bin Salman himself was prepared for such beaches, especially since his inspirer and godfather is Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, who nurtured in him the ambition of power and hegemony and exclusion of competitors He implanted in his heart the enmity of his neighbors and incited him to change the Kingdom’s identity from a Muslim destination to a center for wild parties and professional wrestling.

We mention here some reports that dealt with the characteristics and features of Mohammed bin Salman’s personality, as the British newspaper “The Guardian”, in September 2017, criticized Mohammed bin Salman, describing him as “paranoid”, shedding light on the reference to his reckless decisions in the Yemen war and siege Qatar, and other issues that are a source of embarrassment for the Kingdom.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” also revealed in 2018 a German medical report that includes his medical record, noting that an informed source told her that bin Salman was being treated in Germany in his teenage days for epilepsy, and that he was suffering from mental disorders.

The newspaper continued by saying that this may be one of the reasons that prompted the British intelligence service to issue a report in 2015 warning against changing the generations of the Saudi leadership, and concentrating power in the hands of Mohammed bin Salman, who was the defense minister at the time, and heir to the crown prince, then the crown prince on his way to ascend. To the throne of the kingdom.

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No one can predict the next downfall of the Saudi regime under Mohammed bin Salman’s control over the reins of affairs, especially in light of the continuation of this lining surrounding him and the continuation of its work behind the scenes after the case of the assassination of Khashoggi, as well as the absence of wise people, thinkers, sheikhs and people of opinion in the kingdom’s prisons, who might have been They will form a living conscience guiding bin Salman towards safety ports.