thousand residents submitted their data electronically

Demand for online registration in the “Qatar Census 2020”

Electronic enumeration is characterized by ease and privacy

Adopting the latest methodologies, practices and technologies

Doha – Al-Raya:
The online registration service for the Qatar Census 2020, which was resumed by the Planning and Statistics Authority on the beginning of this December, witnessed a remarkable turnout by families and individuals, indicating the depth of societal awareness of the importance of this national project, which is entering its final stage.
The Planning and Statistics Authority stated in a statement that more than 45 thousand residents have completed their data electronically, praising this remarkable demand for electronic registration.
The agency called on the rest of the citizens and residents to complete their data electronically, as the service of filling out the statistical form for the census will be available until January 7 next, via the link ( census2020.aspx): … stressing that the electronic census is easy, easy, fast and provides privacy The head of the household to record the data.
This method is considered one of the latest technological means applied by censuses and field surveys to collect data on individuals through an electronic form available to all Qataris, whether inside or outside the country, in addition to non-Qataris residing in the state.
The Planning and Statistics Authority stated that families and individuals who fill out the statistical form electronically will not need to visit field researchers, during the field visit from December 13 to mid-January 2021.

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Fill out the form


Regarding the steps for self-completion of the electronic form, the NTRA explained that filling out the statistical form is done by entering the link census2020.aspx, then registering the personal number and the mobile number (provided that the mobile is registered in the name of the owner of the ID card), In order for a special code to be sent to the registered phone number, which allows access to and fill in the electronic statistical form for the census .. These steps are important to ensure accuracy in the process of data delivery and to ensure its complete confidentiality, in accordance with the Official Statistics Law of 2011.

Latest methodologies


The Planning and Statistics Authority confirmed that Qatar 2020 census adopts the latest methodologies, practices and techniques in the process of carrying out the census and collecting data with what distinguishes it in terms of speed, quality, and ensuring complete confidentiality of all data.
The Planning and Statistics Authority had announced the resumption of the final phase of the census, which was postponed due to precautionary measures from the Coronavirus … specifying the time periods for this phase, which began on the first of December with the electronic census via the device’s electronic platform Census2020.aspx and will continue until January 7 … while field work will resume from December 13 until mid-January 2021.
The Planning and Statistics Authority has allocated a toll-free number 8000800 to respond to public inquiries about this electronic form and how to complete it with the required data, along with the website of Planning and Statistics