As details on the ongoing investigations into extremist sleeper sells in Saudi Arabia begin to emerge, more information on the background of the both killed and captured extremists are being released to the public.

Last week, two ISIS extremists were cornered in Jeddah who decided to detonate their own explosive belts after refusing to surrender to security forces.

It has been revealed that those killed had extensive regional experience in extremist activities going so far as building explosives factories and working for radical media channels abroad.

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The Saudi Interior Ministry’s security spokesman said that the investigations led to the following results:

The two assailants who committed suicide in a rest area in the Harazat district of Jeddah were identified as Saudi nationals Khalid Ghazi Hussain Al-Sarwani and Nadi Marzouq Al-Mudhaini Enazi after forensic tests of their remains proved their identities.

The available information for the security authorities about the two persons are as follow:

Khaled Ghazi Hussain Al-Sarwani was a dangerous man who was wanted by security authorities for his various roles and multiple links to terror elements and incidents, including spreading extremist propaganda through the internet, wanting to participate in fighting in conflict areas, responding to ISIS instructions, supporting and assisting in the terror operations throughout the country.


Al-Sarwani also provided a shelter for four extremists in Mecca’s Naaman Valley. He had played an important role in serving an extremist organization and its criminal plans by participating in manufacturing explosive belts and explosives in a factory of sorts in Jeddah’s.

Nadi Marzouq Al-Mudhaini Enazi, who has previously been convicted of several crimes, started his terror activity with an anti-Saudi media channel broadcasting from abroad, after which he joined other extremists in conflict zones.\

After having served time, he continued to accept instructions from extremist organizations along with several others arrested.

The statement read: “16 people have been captured linked to this case, including three Saudis and the rest Pakistani. The first accused Hussam al-Jihani said that he got his orders from ISIS to rent a room to hide the 2 suicide bombers in Harazat neighborhood. He took them from one point in Quraysh street in Jeddah, and they were both disguised in women clothing, and he would check up on them, to make sure they are funded with what they need. He added that the women that were present with him when he was captured was Fatimah Ramadan Balloushi. He got to know her through his brother who is also arrested Abdel Rahman Ramadan Balloushi, who shares the same ideology as him.”