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The report of Al-Asmakh Real Estate Projects said: The real estate market is currently preparing to benefit from the scheduled spending related to development projects and infrastructure development, over the next two years, and added: This will in turn be reflected in a significant increase in the construction sector activity, whether in buildings, retail real estate or hotels, in addition to competition More about the delivery of projects and thus will produce a greater ability to adapt to the future requirements of future housing, merchants and hospitality. Al-Asmakh’s report believes that awarding bids and contracts related to development projects and infrastructure will lead to developing the performance of Qatari companies by creating more investment and commercial opportunities between them and investors in different sectors. From real estate to services and finance, to retail, tourism and other amenities.


The report also indicated that Qatar is currently working to diversify the sources of GDP through different sectors, including the construction sector and real estate, which will create large accompanying projects that will help promote the growth of the service sector and provide new opportunities for projects and work, and the report said that the real estate market in Qatar It is witnessing a great expansion in areas, indicating that there are also new buildings that are being delivered, especially in Lusail City and the Pearl Project, with the country targeting to diversify its economy through a huge development of infrastructure, and he added:The residential market will also witness a clear increase in supply by new mega development projects, which will affect the performance of lesser units, older accommodation, and properties that do not have modern facilities, all of which will face increasing challenges to maintain tenants and occupancy rates, indicating that this will require Of the owners of these properties the trend towards developing their properties, and the report indicated that the diversity in residential and administrative buildings and their levels of services now allows tenants to have a more diverse set of options, with more differentiation in characteristics including spaces, quality, facades, and available facilities.

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The report of Al-Asmakh Real Estate Projects stated that the volume of real estate deals witnessed a low performance in the previous week in terms of values ​​in real estate dealings, according to the data of the latest bulletin issued by the Real Estate Registration Department at the Ministry of Justice for the week from “23 to 27 August,” where the number of deals was recorded. Al-Akaria 147 is a bargain, and the report pointed out that the value of sales and foreclosures amounted to approximately 612.6 million riyals. The report indicated that the municipalities of Al-Daayen and Doha maintained large activities in transactions, occupying the first and second ranks respectively in the number of deals, and the report indicated that The average number of transactions executed per day amounted to approximately 29 deals, and at the level of the square foot of land prices, on which deals were executed during the first week of this September, between the real estate index of the Al-Asmakh companyIt witnessed a variation in prices, explaining that the average bid prices per square foot in the Mansoura region and Bin dirhams amounted to “1380” riyals, and in the Najma area “1320” riyals per square foot, and the average price of a square foot in the Maamoura region settled at 385 riyals. In addition, the average price per foot in the old airport area stabilized at 870 riyals for buildings.


Returning to the prices of villas and apartments, the report of Al-Asmakh Real Estate Projects stated that the average prices of apartments in the Lusail area for a one-bedroom apartment are 1.1 million riyals, 1.3 million riyals for a two-bedroom apartment, and 1.9 million riyals. For the three-bedroom apartment, the report indicated that prices vary according to the area, area and location of the apartment in the residential building. The report also indicated that the average price per square meter in apartments located in West Bay in the zigzag towers is estimated at 11 thousand riyals and there are certain data that may raise The price is slightly related to “the location of the apartment and the view inside the two towers”.