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The electoral general assembly of the Al-Arabi club opened a new page in the history of dreams by recommending Sheikh Tamim bin Fahd Al-Thani as president of the club and his deputy, Muhammad Jassim Al-Kuwari, by acclamation by 101 members, led by symbols and senior Arabs.

And the Arab fans were pleased with the rise of Sheikh Tamim bin Fahd Al Thani to lead Al-Arabi during the next four years and until 2024, as the new administration is waiting for many challenges, especially the football team absent from the coronation podiums for more than twenty years, which is a very long period not befitting the name of the club And his long history and great popularity in the State of Qatar and the Gulf in general.

The beginning of the compatibility

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The Arab elections enjoyed great follow-up in light of the accelerating events that took place in the past weeks before the convening of the General Assembly, especially during its first phase, which witnessed the exclusion of the lists of Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad bin Jabr Al Thani, former President of the Arab League and Abdulaziz Al-Sulaiti.

After two second lists were submitted for the electoral general assembly, Ahmad Hilal Al-Khulaifi’s list withdrew to make way for Sheikh Tamim bin Fahd to obtain the recommendation of the members of the General Assembly.

The presence of the former presidents of Al-Arabi, headed by the spiritual father and great symbol, Dr. Abdullah Al-Mal, contributed to opening a new page of Arab consensus in solidarity with the young president to make his ambitious project succeed in returning Al-Arabi to the podiums after a long absence.

Top priority

The members of the General Assembly, the fans and all those who follow the Arabawi affair unanimously agreed that the club’s football team is one of the most hot issues awaiting the new management, especially in light of the retreat of the team’s results, whether during the past season by ending it in seventh place in the ranking table or through the negative results in the first two league matches. During them, they tied with Al-Khor with two goals to the same, or lost Al-Ahly with two goals without a response.

The fans are calling for the new management to make changes at the level of the team’s professionals and to expedite the recruitment of high caliber professionals, whether striker or playmaker, in order to secure the team’s return to competing for the golden square.

The most expensive cups

Arab fans aspire to embrace the most expensive cups in their forty-eighth edition after their team qualified for the semi-finals after winning at the expense of Brigadier Al-Ahlawi with a result of three goals free of charge in the match that took place at Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium in Al-Duhail Club last March to face Al-Markhiya in a round The four next October.

The new administration also places the crowning of the Emir Cup as a top priority, and it will be an appropriate opportunity for the management to assess the requirements of the football team during the suspension period that will be witnessed by the league after the completion of the third round to make room for the AFC Champions League that Doha is hosting in the coming days.

Strategic plan

It is expected that the coming hours will witness periodic meetings between the new administration and the administrative and technical bodies to assess the needs of Al-Arabi during the next stage in preparation for developing the necessary plan to support the football team, especially since Sheikh Tamim bin Fahd Al Thani had confirmed during the year that the announcement of the strategic plan would be within a week. After consulting with the work team, sit down to the heads of agencies.